once upon a time, faye wong is gay community as a goddess “comrade” in private; After the runner by zhang huimei, and concert and a rainbow flag; Last year, Hong Kong hocc in weibo launched “one according to comrade hold against discrimination”; This year, definetely more with “science says” on a “should” to the parents to come out. In June, the United States announced the same-sex marriage, what does not, however, domestic rainbow movement is far from reaching orgasm. Hunting cloud network today interviewed pinkON – gay life, founder and CEO Chen Xiangqi, the keen on public welfare 15 years of “strong woman”, she carried the rainbow flag through the wind and rain, crossing rivers, lead the LGBT community and all support gay people to pursue the rainbow. Together with the hunting cloud network know how she is doing, as well as the “pink” in her eyes.

pinkON – gay life home: business, activities and rub shoulders

not found in current domestic gay online APP similar to comrade merchants (brand), or comrade APP favourable activity integration. PinkON claims is the world’s first gay life guide, for gay life consumption, comrade to share the good taste. Cleverly directly introducing “merchants” function: connect businesses with the gay community become O2O platform, all kinds of businesses can free in free release information activities, can also through the “brush” function, real-time referring users to nearby stores information, coupons, gifts, etc. And the user can quickly find comrades love to shop, comrades, comrade hold brand, online ordering goods and event tickets.

at the same time, pinkON brush has the “base” of the social, social innovation based on LBS comrades. Users at the time of open pinkON, when others use at the same time, near pinkON pops out to show you are snubbed by the TA, at the same time, in a message box will show you and how many people rub shoulders, met many times. Wipe a shoulder function display and people and their information and ideas to you, you can use the link rub shoulders with you track near or encounter comrade. “Know each with comrade to you, let the fate wipe a shoulder but”.

it is worth noting: pinkON users expanded cooperation businesses, for the LGBT community and comrade comrade’s relatives and friends. Business comrades into businesses and support of business, whether gay or not gay businesses can be. Comrade register at the same time, also attract outside users, such as the comrade of the relatives and friends can also play together. There are only version of the iOS, android version is still in plan.

pinkON founder and entrepreneurial inspiration

pinkON founder and CEO: Chen Xiangqi, comrades in the field of public welfare in China have high visibility, the beginning of the Internet have built run famous gay websites “flowers”, and founded comrade nonprofit public welfare organization in Shanghai, 15 years has been active in the gay community, activities and services provided.

filed entrepreneurial inspiration, Chen Xiangqi convective cloud network said: “there are often friends every business trips to other cities to make a phone call to ask me to recommend any gay bars, and activities? So pinkON definition of product model and development path, very different from the start. PinkON willing to explore differences of social play, and how to create useful products for comrade.”

pink economy is a false proposition, or did not find the right position?

in current domestic gay online APP for the most part are the main social distance positioning, brush near the screen. You’re welcome, comrade between social and economic pink still across the river “about gun”. In addition, such as: gay people have a higher spending power, mainland China’s gay population of about 70 million, at least 600 billion Chinese pink market size… This paper its authenticity cast aside for a moment. BLUED, ZANK from social, exploring the process of liquid is not to the outbreak period. “The United States through the same-sex marriage” during the period, is good at taking advantage of marketing of Chinese Internet companies have hit the rainbow LOGO and slogan of “pink economy”. PinkON might with comrade to provide a useful way of social life directly through the “gun” about the river, and then quickly find the right position to the nuggets pink economy. To this, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on, let’s wait and see.

rush of VC to unscrupulous degree

a few days ago, have had 2 years business development’s billed as the largest gay community “ZANK” opens the B must all equity financing way to raise, and access to millions of prominent angel investors zhong-ping wang led. This is the fourth comrade zhong-ping wang investment projects, and his three comrades investment by start-up projects have won the next round of financing.

however, it’s also worth noting that, Chinese investors for gay people consumption market continue bullish, shows that comrade APP domain products still lack, function is more homogeneous, multivariate problems such as insufficient development way. We are not sure whether investors have a kind of feeling, he is shot “pink” economic expectations will have to be put into a single mode of social products. PinkON provides a more direct and more novel way, Chen Xiangqi convective cloud network said pinkON is seeking angel round, interested in VC can come to hunt for cloud network BP and contact way.


the wheel of history over much of comrade’s body, and crushed many “the unity of” the rainbow dream, even “qu yuan” as a pioneer of comrade, alas, is this necessary? This is a kind of natural happen, if you really want to, it emphatically from gender differentiation occurs at the beginning of the life. Just stand on the position of “reproduction” and “gone with forbidden, time is the default”, so embarrassed the ups and downs. History also coincidentally proved that it is the han dynasty, the wind of MSM’s peak.

many acquisition under the leadership of China has greatly prosperous time of praise, this is a day; The Internet especially the development of mobile Internet closer to the distance, people is right; One carrying rainbow flags out vowed to through the storm, the people gathered together, is people. However hunting cloud network and don’t want to the coming of the “datong world” show that attitude, I only want to say, to adopt the problem of raising children, relief for HIV infection, pension problems are linked to the three mountain. Carrying rainbow flags through the wind and rain, more want to mountain and river, to pursue the rainbow.