(text/Wang Dongguo)

at the beginning of 2015, baidu released a 50 cities around the country to work list, distance and time, according to the national average office worker to work time is 28 minutes, a distance of 9.18 km. Long commutes far, let a person exhausted, is puzzled most office workers.

pig bus is a Internet + green travel service company, integrating the resource of traditional transportation industry of spare vehicles and aims to solve the problem of citizens rush, currently provide shuttle bus, custom bus, tour charter, up and down across the line arrange transportation, subway and airport transportation business. One commuter business has opened more than 2000 lines, covering mainly shenzhen five cities, custom bus has services to companies such as huawei. Pig bus product shape is the APP + WeChat service number. APP 100000 registered users, 60000 active users. It is worth mentioning that the pig used bus green travel vehicles 70% is the electric bus.

pig bus co-founder TongXunGuo tell cloud network, hunting pigs bus expect to solve the pain points of three:

1) the public common crowded and drive bumper-to-bumper

2) large companies have a shuttle bus welfare, small companies envy is difficult to achieve

3) for the traditional transportation company, season changes in the vehicle idle, wasting resources

pig bus white-collar workers as the main target groups, to provide equal one of bus fare a car direct service. Users can APP or micro signal in buying public search starting point and destination, select line tickets, if there is no goal line, can customize a line, when the custom line 30 people can open the line. The other pigs bus is equipped with the main project, if a person can get full 30 lines, can when the line of the Lord, to enjoy life-long free and privileges.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, now do the Internet bus carpooling with booking platform project a lot, as for the shenzhen dudu bus, a little bus, including bus drops are beginning to do business, the competition is fierce. Only the product to make pattern, make a difference, to have the opportunity to capture a slice. TongXunGuo tell cloud network, hunting pigs bus is very optimistic, the greater the competition in the market, is focused on the heat will increase. Pig bus started earlier, the use of traditional transportation industry resources, can go on the market development of faster. O2O industry not only than the online product iteration speed, more weight is given to offline resources carrying capacity. Now pig bus in shenzhen, Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, xian, chengdu has landed, each city has offices and staff. Subsequent first-tier cities will be born in guangzhou, Beijing, and layout of the second-tier provincial capital cities.

business model, pig bus will not profit by ticket sales. TongXunGuo tell hunting cloud network, raise ticket prices will affect attendance, contrary to the original intention of solving the problem of mass travel. The future profit model will cover advertising revenue, micro communities, P2P, the flow of electricity to liquidate and charter business, tourist bus business, such as mobile advertising platform dream bus project.

team, CEO of the king, was running three companies, independent Ye Yuping served as zhongnan bus line vice President. Online core team members from the BAT, COO TongXun fruit from ali, the CTO guo winds from baidu, CPO hat from tencent.

about the future direction of the bus, the pig TongXunGuo tell hunting cloud network, sharing economy is a piece of cake, foreign Uber and reality have done very well, have a high valuation. Shared economic core is the integration of C2C resources, but in the Chinese market environment, perhaps the future will involve, such as integration of social idle private van, etc.

it is understood that the pig bus angel round has been completed, the Pre – A in the works.