(text/Tan Ziling)

according to statistics, China’s pet population in 10 years from 2003 to 2014 increased by nearly nine times, by 2014, the pet population in China has been increased to 1.2-150 million, the pet industry’s annual sales up to more than 300 one hundred million yuan. Visible, the pet industry market space is enormous, therefore, paw paw team developed the social and pet care as one of the App.

founded claw claw is also the founder of the personal experience with relevant, founder of the paw paw deng-feng Yang first love girlfriend have a golden retriever, greatly raised, “for the host, the dog really is an angel, but” significantly “as an adult, every time is going to bathe greatly, my first girlfriend and I will draw, because too tired, who are not willing to wash, and make a little bit unhappy, it can be said to give me to bathe the greatly left a psychological shadow.”

he is deeply bathed pet there exist many problems in the real, and 70% to the current domestic pet store and pet hospital is “pop”, service quality and customer experience is uneven. So, paw paw to “shower”, a service to provide a safe, hygienic and convenient pet bath door to door service, in addition to pet owners “of the friends” to provide a social platform.

paw paw on pet grooming, teeth cleaning bath, SPA, insect repellent, fingernails, nursing services, users can directly submit orders on App, enjoy the door-to-door service. In “discovery” plate, the user can search nearby, and pet lovers chat friends around you. “The dog for a walk together” shows people who are walking the dog, the user may be invited to bring their own dogs started off.

“traditional pet store a bath is a long way, is not convenient to and fro, pet the health hidden danger of anxiety, common bath appliance etc, at the same time, the pet beautician everyone don’t have standard service process, skills master degree is not equal to” deng-feng Yang tell hunting cloud network, therefore formed paw paw paw paw team training institutions, school of pet beautician operation standardization, at the same time, solve the pet beautician in short supply, and the problems of weak orders.

it is known that paw paw institute has class A pet beautician, pet doctor famous teacher of various professions, such as in the pet beautician unified orientation and the improvement of technology and skills training, promotion, etc. At the same time, the college as a paw paw pet talents cultivation and transport base.

about pets on market also has a lot of social applications, such as walk, pet circle, generate social activities mainly pet as the core. For paw paw, social’s not the point, paw paw paw paw through college set up the pet industry training system, to provide users with professional services at the same time, also provide pet beautician market resources and their ability to improve the platform.

as we have learned, claw claw App to launch in May, during the pilot, around 50000 registered users, orders for 1000, pet division has 10 people, mainly in shenzhen area. Later, will be extended to cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, pet bath stability prior to training users to use habits, stability after the main beauty, health care and other services.

on the business model, deng-feng Yang said paw paw through professional pet bath door to door service, improve the user’s trust and use frequency, based on the leading beauty, SPA, health high ARPU value of consumption, to achieve further gains.

in the future, paw paw team will focus on developing college, will organize pet hairdressing technology and new skills training, such as emergency treatment at the same time, foreign resources, integrate with other training school will provide more cutting-edge professional training for practitioners, creating standardized pet services, create more opportunities for development of paw paw own and imagination space.

at present, the claw claw App team has officially launched the angel financing plan.