cloud network hunting note: Helpchat personal assistant software will provide you with a full range of services: from the laundry service to make an appointment to the restaurant reservation, from seeking technical help to sought treatment, all fix it for you.

from the laundry service to make an appointment to the restaurant reservation, from seeking technical help to looking for a medical expert, people every day by all kinds of stuff of life, and are keen to explore ways to escape. Financial aid Ankur Singla, Akosha (online complaints handling company), the founder of the anticipated the huge potential of market development.

“we found that the customer changed the nature of the Internet query, to seek the aid of all kinds of people, instead of complaining or complaints,” explained to e27 Singla. The company observed every 30000 chat session, complaints occupy less than two percent of the total, then gradually carry out business transformation.

Singla realized that at present the company’s top priority is to realize Akosha to Helpchat transformation, the so-called Helpchat is personal assistant type chat application, aims to help people deal with daily affairs.

“our aim is to help people deal with trivial things in everyday life,” Helpchat Singla founder and chief executive said. The company’s goal is to make Helpchat people handheld electronic tools, can help people deal with the daily affairs.

Helpchat has always been the App in the Android system, and has more than 350 downloads. The company will soon quit iOS applications. “We will lend a helping hand, simplify the People’s Daily life. Imagine, if you can contact your personal assistant, help you deal with all kinds of living things, is great, “said Singla.

this APP is how to operate?

this App on the main interface three options – company, search, chat.

in the interface, users can choose the company, and this App will help customers find the nearest appointment booking center, and then traded and follow up orders. Under the search category, the user can find the nearest company, at the same time, they can choose service category, the App will display the corresponding company nearby. This App can also help the user to do other things: check and comparison of the interest rate, tracking order status, etc. In the chat interface, users can consult any problems.

the target audience of this App is living in a big city in 21 to 30 years old young man.

“users can with suppliers, even the relevant experts to communicate. We chat about more than 350 experts on the rig. Our platform of enterprises will be more and more, and soon the user can communicate directly with the businessman, “said Singla.

at present, the platform for the daily demand reached 30000, of which more than 25% of the requests are processed automatically by the bot.

the simulation reality platform to help customers play an important role in dealing with daily chores. Helpchat brand services, including Aircel, Voltas, Eureka Forbes, the company, Bookmyshow, Oyo Rooms, HDFC Life and Spice Mobiles these big brand suppliers. In bangalore (Koramangala and Indiranagar), more than 100 local companies are using this App service for customers with a variety of categories, such as shopping, fitness, laundry, and beauty.

“at present, users need to another page to complete the payment, but in the future, the user can be done directly on the platform to pay,” said Singla.

in May 2015, the company acquired by Sequoia Capital, a $16 million B round of funding. Helpchat income mainly consists of commissions, sales and advertising (marketing).

spread awareness

the company is carrying out five hundred million rupees ($7 million) brand activities. “From now on, we will carry out radio advertising and outdoor advertising, after three to four months, we will carry out paper page ads” Singla said to us. At the same time, the company is also working with mumbai agency Ogilvy & amp; Mather and Open Design carefully designed activity plan, to redefine the market.

market competition

in the Indian market, compete with Helpchat App Haptik and LookUp and JustDial, etc. Singla, however, was not worried about his future.

“products, downloads, and chat session ways, we are much more powerful than its competitors. Now, we are in the right place and right time to develop the business, at the same time, we have a capital base, strong team and execution. Our competition is not strong, if our expert advice and improve the rest, then we are likely to be dominant in the field, “said Singla.

when it comes to rival JustDial, he added, “from the customer’s point of view, although the JustDial response soon for certain types of information, but lack of personalization capabilities.”

implementation plan six months daily chat session of 200000

in six months, the company plans to implement the daily chat session of 200000. At present, the team Helpchat has 600 members, and plans to increase again in the next six months, 100 employees.

in the next few months, the company also plans to make the chat platform with 750 experts consulting. Singla concludes: “we have started the two cities to sign local enterprises in bangalore, the end of this year, we will put expanded to 10 cities.”


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