(text/Yu Qian)

in today’s information highly explosive, graduates how to choose a career, enterprise how to select employees, in addition to the traditional experience choice, may also use a psychological test and so on to get a more scientific conclusion.

a person to concentrate career orientation is such a talent to evaluate websites. “We is characteristic of localization, and we only do market segment – talent assessment. There are many competitors have done a lot, we think the unprofessional.” Cantonese ah people network technology development co., LTD., deputy general manager of han-cheng zhang said.

according to hunt cloud network, talent assessment technology is to be a scientific methods and means, it from individual inner to excavate the potential of talents and identify the intrinsic quality of talents, the comprehensive use of psychology, behavioral science, management, surveying, computer technology and other disciplines and technologies for all kinds of talent test and evaluation, evaluation, selection and training. People people career site is based on Carl jung positive psychology research results, to a large number of user data, interviews and analysis summarizes the original twelve dimension analysis method for users of professional evaluation and planning.

when it comes to the characteristics of the person the person career orientation, han-cheng zhang said: “some of the personnel evaluation is directly copied foreign things, is not in China. Localization, there are subtle differences in internal problems, such as the foreign people are honest, direct, and the Chinese to euphemistically flexible, our problem and algorithm design, more in line with the Chinese thinking and behavior characteristics. And combined with the practice of enterprise management.” Person who want to be able to break the monopoly of foreign enterprise of talent evaluation market, also let talents evaluation more accord with the actual situation of the domestic industry.

the function of the person the person career orientation services mainly in two lines, one is want to help people find advantage, the second is to help enterprises with people, so on the function set is relatively simple. Individual user login web site and can sign up for free test; Enterprise website, will be able to enter the corresponding test system for enterprises. Talk about the future person career orientation function to improve and expand, han-cheng zhang said, will perfect the function in the process of human resource configuration, do the candidates, and education, retention of choose and employ persons integration, such as increasing education video, in order to improve the viscosity of the site and user experience.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, person the people online career orientation in June 8, target population lock for everyone over the age of 15 individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises in the country. Has thousands of service enterprises, nearly all the measurement volume. Due to the current site promotion stage, the enterprise and individual services are free, the future will be to collect membership fees for the profit model of the enterprise.

the current domestic talent assessment agencies have north sen, Thomas, norm, such as the supreme. The north’s strength is stronger, is from a talent to evaluate to develop the field of talent management. Talk about a person how to compete with these web sites, han-cheng zhang told hunting cloud network: “relative to the north, our advantage is the cost of users pay less, but can enjoy as good as the north’s reliability and validity. We are completely free for individuals, companies charge a small fee.” People ah in view of the small and medium-sized enterprises, is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises complete fusion team building and team work, make up the blank of the domestic market.

hunting cloud network understand, cantonese ah people network technology development co., LTD. CEO WenJianLin from last year to form a team, to promote the research of talent evaluation system. Therefore, WenJianLin on the depth of the human resources of learning, and learning to Shanghai, pass the international association of psychological type certification MBTI. The team a total of 30 people, into three parts of measurement technology, network technology department, Marketing Department. Deng Ping li, general manager of assessment technical director, deputy general manager han-cheng zhang is responsible for the market.

it is understood that the current person team has officially launched an angel round financing plan.