the bowlful, besides meat, large scale gold, jianghu culture is a stranger, when financial and jianghu culture collide with each other, derived are community financial services. And, of course, because of the Internet financial penetration, entrepreneurs to natural won’t miss the special asset this cake, hunting cloud network to points of gold club today is perpendicular to the special assets investment platform.

when it comes to special assets, it is to point to be hold or be disposal due to special reasons to liquidate assets, such as financial institutions to toxic assets, assets, involving lawsuit to liquidate assets in the process of enterprise restructuring or bankruptcy liquidation, commercial assets, special opportunities to sell assets, marketing gimmick assets, other need seven classes of assets disposal of assets, etc. Special asset has great investment value, however, it is very important part of financial institutions to toxic assets, there is a huge market space in the future, and pioneers such as taobao auction platform development, the market has been basic mature.

points gold club founder & amp; CEO Mr Tang said: “we hope to do a product, can make up for the inadequacy of P2P business model is too single, at the same time, can use higher yields to attract popularity. Accidental exposure to some special assets business investors, found that they cannot solve the capital requirements to solve the problem we can through the Internet way, so I plan to do such a special assets investment platform “.

cloud network hunting, gold club to a price advantage to attract users, and charge a service fee, is committed to solve the special asset disposal difficult pain points, also Internet banking groups to solve financial products for the high yield, low risk, short cycle and other demands, for users to participate in the past more unable to participate in the project, also let users with P2P investment experience get more opportunities in financial investment, in the end people want to achieve in asset disposal, ordinary investors, such as asset in the end the buyer multilateral win-win.

at this stage, the gold club is recruiting a founding member, the member besides can enjoy the right of priority investment benefits, gradually after building trust can also participate in the construction of the platform, including opinion suggestion, provide clues and assets sales channels and so on.

planning for the future, Mr Tang told cloud network, hunting gold club points scheme established or the introduction of a private equity fund, better serve the investment capacity of fewer but larger qualified investors, through a fund of extended repurchase to bring down the ordinary investors investment risk.

competing goods aspects mainly has two kinds, one kind is the housing the raise products, such as baby, soufun, they cooperate with real estate developers do special price room or late sales; The second type is some of bad assets disposal platform, such as “happy family” special assets, mainly for bank platform to build a set of risk evaluation model, for issuing asset class product qualification and credit investigation company. Points, in contrast, gold club product risk is relatively small, can meet the needs of most users and the market demand.

it is known that July gold club has won the angel investment, and the product will be launched in September.