(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

a teacher once told me his part-time job in a factory in Germany in the 80 s, day and night with a cold machine, but just need to press the button when goods come over, this action is very simple, but he said the press will be turned upside down, flesh, when he said that very want a machine to let a person to once and for all. The person such as the machine’s time has become history, now we want the machine such as people, people think science and technology from artificial intelligence, hope the robot closer to the human nature, create a quality life.

the company entered the robot, lifeless without imagination, but alive. The little red sofa, lying under the grey carpet, an endless stream of people, compact but not crowded desk, happy laughter. Just in time to catch the team party, beaming in the room, someone talk, someone is looking forward to the future, some practical analysis. Zhi-min xia is the CEO of science and technology, China after graduating from university, Dr. Serial entrepreneur, in the industry to struggle, also in the civet cat nets of seasoning for several years, the main robot control parts business, passionate about artificial intelligence was finally chosen.

zhi-min xia told hunting cloud network: “our team is mostly after 90, is a kind of open culture, as long as there is the idea, we can form a team to complete. Another partner, the idea is to want to do something you can let your wife truly see, instead of a virtual network.”

now people think technology developed five Roby robot, published Roby – Com than (commercial general version), Roby – Mini ego (home service) and Roby – Nana (hotel), used in the food and beverage service Roby – Eva and Roby for logistic and transportation – Titan is forthcoming, such as Roby – not only to sell Mini of chat, still can doctor visits. The robot of artificial intelligence by embedded intelligent algorithm, these algorithms derive from daily life scene, to the user for god, such as using bluetooth or infrared sensor signals to send or receive instruction, and be able to and some other electronic devices in the scene such as TV, mobile phone, remote control, such as connectivity, together they can play the intelligence ecological new tricks. Zhi-min xia told hunting cloud network: “did not do omnipotent robot and choose niche robot, is considering the change of the application scenario, the price difference as well as the cost of mobile robot and load factors.”

home service version of Roby – Mini ego as an example, the size is the size of a small fan, and you together as soon as you enter it, open the door of the moment, its security system started, for transfers-will combined use of voice or facial recognition, such as magnetic door allow you to safely entered the “threshold”, it detects someone home after you enter will automatically turn on the light, and then go to the sitting room do you want to relax watching TV, also can give the instructions, call it the “Mini, turn off the lights, the TV!” , TV moment present for you, and be able to speech recognition and conversion channel do you want to watch TV. More than actually contains Roby – Mini intelligent security, intelligent household, such as speech recognition system. Zhi-min xia told hunting cloud network: “we hope that these robots can be our partner, our company also from RT info to PT info people means (P), more press close to human nature, temperature, and more hope to be able to create a quality life.”

one of science and technology team pay more attention to the robot’s interactive experience, Roby – Com, for example, walking speed 2 m/s or so, basically in line with people walking speed; Network latency within 50 ms, battery 10 hours, movement time just for work in the day for the longest time, and more convenient to communicate with people.

maybe we thought the robot reach, maybe we still immersed Yu Dabai and Eva in the story, may meet in the dream of the chat robot, the robot of artificial intelligence, however, have thousand sails to compete sends. Beijing “small fish at home” main family intelligent robot company, suzhou branch, the main family service robot, shenzhen alpha passionate about family entertainment education robot, shenzhen big xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is the solution of lay particular stress on unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs). Zhi-min xia told hunting cloud network: “our advantage is that we have our own production factory and from silicon valley’s intellectual property rights in the United States and support design company, and has its core patents to guarantee. Our purpose is to want to do a car plant, covers production and sales, technology, business, management, etc.” He said he wanted “wei ch ‘ing” in the work, in the “war” s need is not not reactive, but beg without princes, but knowing that mountain tiger, to the “leading”.

people think technology starting on May 28 three product service robot, and start the jingdong equity the raise, jiangnan capital at the beginning of the creation and the angel of the golden wheat service, has won an international intelligent investment institutions PreA rounds of financing, is scheduled at the end of the year will be for A round of funding.