start sharing two string of data:

2010 marriage rate is lower than the growth rate of 13.7%, married more than 2000, ten thousand people, more than 400 ten thousand people got divorce certificates.

in 2014, nearly 20 million people received a marriage certificate, nearly 95% of people would choose to complete the wedding photography this link.

is a high divorce rate, while just need wedding photography is low frequency. Xi pat want are the photos of the story, through value-added services in love.

said to xi, can mention has been immersed in this age of rot. Know yan-li huang, founder of the people, will find the word together with her together would appear rhythmically. British bangor university MBA, shenzhen research institute, tsinghua university MBA, a former cheng consulting in south China branch general manager, south China regional manager wind information. As a secondary entrepreneurs, “her age” yan-li huang said: “in this scenario, wedding photography girl is the first leading role.”

take a story for love

wedding photography is front end consumer, in the wedding O2O relatively mature services. On the basis of standardized implementation personalized show, take photos of the story, is happy clap private custom want to do. Yan-li huang told hunting cloud network: “tradition studio to being a genius you know a photographer is who, like the previous communication process type won’t have a story. Only with the feelings of wedding photos come out after will give you more memories and look forward to.” On happy clap platform, users can choose their favorite photographers, through the communication between the two sides to tailor a wedding photography of the story.

mentioned above the high divorce rate has been casting the face of social common point of view, on the one hand, it reflected the concept of equality of men and women have been area highly popular recognition, on the other hand, because of romantic holiday break up and cause unnecessary in yan-li huang’s view, is a very regrettable thing. So happy clap stored by the user on the platform of all kinds of information, in the day comes, continuation of value-added service chain according to the customer’s consumption level. From a doll to complete custom links, luxury goods by asymmetric information, hope to give customers are care to relive again.


as a photographer

most traditional studio will cost in terms of store + campaign, a lot of link cost were worthless consume. Wedding photography O2O wants to give the profits to the valuable directly, at the core of production – the photographer.

yan-li huang said: “the traditional studio a order for 6000 of the photographer to get hand 300, 25 working days, the monthly salary of 3000 to 3000. So in the case of self-worth is not realize there is no way to achieve qualitative growth. Reasonable existence deserve more reasonable income.”

xi on the platform in a photographer in quotation, photography is the art of the pricing of art to be perceptual. Photographer for time in exchange for a value practitioner, value depends on the consumer recognition of his degree. So happy clap wedding photography all follow the rules of the market, consumers will pay a he is willing to give value to buy the photographer’s time. Current platform lowest 1500 a day, some excellent foreign photographers offer up to more than 20000.

the photographer’s self brand management

yan-li huang think on users, photographer data consumers and promote each other, the balance of time is the most ideal ecological environment. The future state of 2, 3 years wedding photography industry, will be similar to the overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, realizing the shooting and later to separate.

happy clap platform according to the interaction degree of consumers’ evaluation, and consumers photographer with a quantitative rating and sorting. This time the importance of self marketing will emerge. The offline with xi on platform photographers will be professional technical and marketing training. Make many real scene let the photographer face-to-face communication with users. Maximizing their completed the transformation of the value, income and ability.

do boring, weddings and marriage wedding photography O2O, onlylover, etc. Interest is focused on marriage universal brigade, onlylover proprietary into their business module, and happy clap is flat, a double free all of the photographer and the consumer. About “not satisfied can repair taps, heavy, or even a refund” policy, xi patted said the photographer is this a risk. A complaint written warning, a refund to bottom out.

yan-li huang said: “I hope a good photographer has self from the platform of the brand, so that I can with friends, not to say that so-and-so studio is good, but so-and-so photographer is great.”