a decade ago, is a part-time zone, founder and CEO Yin Xiao day ignorant freshmen, because an unpleasant part-time experience, grasp college students part-time process trival, pain points are easy to be cheated, started a part-time job in the field of entrepreneurship. Ten years later, the “Internet +” spring breeze to blow up the wave of part-time recruitment, part-time O2O was raised again, through the part-time platform into campus social, financial, trade, or even idea of blue-collar job was also on the agenda. But, part-time zone Yin Xiao day after 10 years of entrepreneurship and convective cloud network, said: “after ten years should focus more.

part-time is a typical O2O industry, to serve B end with C end

Yin Xiao day in part-time industry 10 years struggle, from freshman year to now, no. Yin Xiao day convective cloud network said: in the first place, part-time is a typical O2O industry, supply and demand is more clear, but the lack is the standardization of the certain process. This industry is more impetuous, by playing list creating illusion; C end user number of blind development, the first increase the cost, the second cannot meet the requirements of users, so users retained low; Information platform are of variable quality, and even directly through the network to collect, is just for the third party intermediary company diversion. Second, a part-time job is not a high frequency of demand, this will be clear, the core is king so be part-time jobs.

a part-time zone to participate in the entire process, from hiring part-time workers training, job arrangement, the duty to supervise, wage settlement. B side can submit the recruitment requirements, approved to release, and side B filled information after the sinking, outdated information will not appear, ensure the authenticity and timeliness of information. For end users to provide 100% real C secured part-time jobs, according to the market demand reasonable control C end users, and provide the workplace for C end users and other related training, improve the capacity to improve the success rate of C the mount guard, get higher customer satisfaction.

Information platform,

if you do the value quantity and views. Standard of judging if it is O2O part-time platform, there is only one: mount guard, how many C to end users through the platform, and how many B end users through much in demand. Yin Xiao day to cloud network revealed: hunting area part-time users now more than 150, among them 60% paying customers. Because now is summer vacation to work a day in more than 10000, is common in 5, 6000 times.

by part-time platform into the campus social, financial, trade and blue-collar job?

the exploration, part-time zone are tried in ten years, the conclusion is to return to the “beginner’s mind. : for example, pay the fund precipitation, part-time zone there are about 5 m B side, once every three months to a player, we can save the process, if by that is entrusted to a part-time job. But we are not going to force end C end any party B. But, a lot of companies want to find the part-time zone do capital precipitation, it is to make the payment tool, side a and B and C are not belong to it, this is a dangerous thing.

Yin Xiao day agreed “part-time is a key point of campus closed loop”. Based on the campus O2O, must be low cost fast to form a team, quick open markets. Part-time area covers more than 2100 colleges and universities, to be a partner with China telecom to fly before YOUNG part-time campus card, and driving exam black this reached a strategic cooperation. Part-time zone, therefore, is also in the life constantly explore on the service platform.


the first: part-time platform priority is to ensure to meet the needs of users based on part-time, all not to part-time recruitment effectiveness and efficiency for the primary purpose of the platform are not real part-time platform.


to spend money to develop C end user may not have loyalty, product research and development and dissemination of the user, in order to serve the c-terminal must begin from the B: post, the more the easier work, the more popular with users, without paying attention to the development of the post, is futile.

third, no matter what platform do you want to be in the future, is wishful thinking, the user is want to find a part-time job. The c-terminal are social, financial, trading, etc., may not pay for you.

team is introduced and the future development of

a part-time zone in general, the company has both part-time industry many years of accumulation, the team were 90, 95 after the fresh blood. In addition to the founder and CEO Yin Xiao day, xiao-li li has worked in alibaba, netease, salary of millions, this year has just joined. Is responsible for B end customer Xu Dan struggle together at college students, the university by the listed company, after the first two years back to continue to do this; Chief operating officer little hao hao, 90 college students, after sophomore now responsible for a number of branch expansion. The remaining 60% are part-time students. “Students from student services” concept: only users are thinking, can according to the lower classwoman drove to, only in this way will also be recognised.

in the first half of this year, part-time cat part-time successively obtain financing, pockets, as the capital of booster, Yin Xiao day hope to cause social reflection of part-time, arouse the awareness of part-time, just as the prime minister to raise the awareness of entrepreneurship. Yin Xiao day convective cloud network said: part-time zone have been efforts to be “the full-time positions and standardization, the standard of part-time jobs”, such as telecom call the waiter even the bank lobby manager can do a part-time job.

New ten floor city


on July 10, part-time zone on the same day added 10 branches, such as Beijing, wuhan, fuzhou so far has been set up more than 30 branches and offices across the country, out in the field of O2O part-time. Yin Xiao day expansion path is cautious: “there are voices will come, urban expansion, according to for them to decide. B side by PC website statistics requirements, statistical demand by App C end, looking for a suitable time to enter.”

Yin Xiao was admitted to the hunting cloud network, the expansion of the team has been on its own profit, part-time area every year tens of millions of sales, is currently the only part-time industry get financing platform a month earnings millions of team. But he also knows the leverage of capital, Yin Xiao day said: part-time zone or want to do part-time this little feet on the ground, till the end of the year will be in A better state of A development thinking of A round of financing. At present, had not far to the stage regiment campaign, capital injection or limited, must not be impetuous.