(text/Yu Qian)

parenting is about a mother after 80 as the target consumers of social software. Such a notice of parent-child social software, from the user perspective, specifically for young mothers.

after the parent-child about team communicate with more than 1000 mothers found that one hundred million of the 80 girls became a mother, after they have received a good education, accustomed to spending on the Internet, and have a strong sense of participation. But after 80 children born to mothers will bring certain influence to career and life, they must be accompanied in children is also busy career. How can you juggle? Parents and children about provides a solution for them.

enter the parent-child about App, can choose user city first, then can see the other users about the message, click on the registration or comments can be involved in each other’s trip. Users can also be found in hot businesses, various types of family, including parents and children place, parent-child activities organization, parent-child education institutions, parent-child products businesses. The user can choose to participate in activities or launch. If the user of ideas, can even cooperate with merchants, participate in parent-child project promotion, planning, communication, the raising, investment, etc. Parent-child social mutual about C2C, B2C parent-child activities match, C2B parent-child project participation, one hundred million young women can accompany their children, and they like to do.

founder 陈咏佳 thought, based on Chinese culture, market potential is tremendous. Social applications about, often based on the relationship between men and women, but neglected the about the nature of the company. Parent-child covenant, have fun. Both young mothers and children, all need to accompany. “Parents and children about want to give all filial mother. Mobile Internet is a giving up control logic, must be decentralized, the user into the whole pattern design of the first consideration. I hope more and more people focus on mom this group after 80, they spent all her time doing for children, but don’t forget that they are all used to be a strong dedication to work and good life planning.”

parents about the community in the country set up more than 100, more than 7000 test users. Has now launched the beta App, the official version is expected to launch in September. Parent-child clear about business models: start the C2C about each phase (free), to push the B2C matching phase (commercial), finally the participation of developing C2B (financialization stage).

the profit pattern of parents and children about the current design includes:

1, the parent-child merchant’s house and certification fees.

2, parent-child activities, and product sales revenue.

3, parent-child merchants members sharing system technical services.

4, user participation parent-child project promotion and raise investment commission income.

rivals, mother circle mother community pay attention to the communication, to provide users with fast wheat tao and parent-child activities, such as application software is to provide users with complete new parent-child travel activity information. Niche travel to parent-child theme of the O2O platform have begun to emerge, present a tendency of increasing the whole industry. Chen Yongjia thinks, mobile Internet parent-child class applications, more is in the B2C mode, C2B model are very few, parents and children about side key differs with other applications, can even cooperate. “We are willing to try, and there have been many cases of success.”

founder of parents and children about Chen Yongjia, guangzhou le wild information technology co., LTD., CEO, parent-child area and the Internet industry has always been a concern for many years. COO sheng-chieh chang, former group director of strategic research institute research strategy, the sea the sea group company deputy general manager in anhui. The CTO Tang Tongxian, Internet technology experts. Current team 6 people, the total number of the other three people be responsible for the technical artist and spread.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, parents and children about has yet to financing, are the founder of personal investment. Now start the angel round financing plan.