recently, parallel imports electricity “buy cars” one hundred million yuan announced it had completed A round of financing, the financing by the school led, angel investors innovation works with. Buy car was established in July 2014, founder group all from alibaba. Had previously won the innovation works angel investment of $3 million.

parallel imports is not a new thing, has mainly exists in some like to play with a small circle of off-road vehicles. Although the current policy on parallel imports have been released, but because of a site, the process of examination and approval, registration policy and after-sales maintenance and so on various aspects also have some problems, so now the parallel imports, on the whole, or some “thunder, little rain” feeling.

bought cars CEO Li Yanzhu as a serial entrepreneurs, also is a tunnel of fans, also keep close attention to the parallel imports. “Policy released now, tuyere came also, want to buy car in car electric dealer market perspective of parallel imports, do the real car electric company, to buy a car gens provides the most comfortable, the most comprehensive online shopping experience.”

and bought a car after six months of seasoning, has formed four major advantages:

a, the options have safeguard, all parallel imports by professional team from the country’s largest imports port tianjin port, the choose and buy is all port straight.

second, the price is cheaper, parallel imports than rules in the car market, on average, 10% – 10% cheaper. Bought the car at the same time also through measures such as group purchase, order loans to parallel imports cheaper.

three, perfect after-sales service system, buy a car now, Germany and China and maintain a little professional auto after-sales service established strategic cooperative relations, make CARE CARE plan, exempt from customers of all the trouble back at home.

4, the whole supply chain solutions, buy a car not only give customers more choice and better service, more import traders to provide directly to the customer’s sales and service channels, and not only is the flow channel. Provides comprehensive exhibition hall around online sales channels and circulation channels throughout the country.

Li Yanzhu think, parallel imports while compared with the whole car market is relatively small, but it is still a billions of level of the market. And why for so many years automotive electrical business has not been developed, because of the traditional auto industry is too big and heavy, cut is difficult; Because the car electrical contractor with the combination of the Internet was not as strong as it is today.

the school managing director jiang our headquarters, said: “the whole auto industry + Internet has a great imagination, bought a car cut into the parallel imports, sales and service in the form of electricity market, brought positive impact to the whole industry and promote.

at present, has bought car sales parallel imports exceed 10 vehicles. Li Yanzhu admitted that parallel imports electricity maker’s largest commercial value is intervention by the method of electricity in the whole automobile industry chain, so as to move the gate in the auto industry. And the most realistic value, it is through the service to promote the experience of the owner to buy a car, make online to buy a car easier and more convenient.

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