let’s suppose a scene, one day your car on the road has been slightly scratch, what would you do? To the 4 s shop repair cost is higher, at the same time time response is slow. Repair shop and good and evil people mixed up, comparison and trival. Service businesses without restriction, there is no guarantee, in order to solve such weaknesses, “paint master” arises at the historic moment.

paint master is a number based on micro letter side development of the public. When using single click new maintenance, fill in maintenance single information, including: the repair parts (can add picture), car model, geographic location and whether to need to send a car. Just choose their favorite shop order after payment. and micro letter itself is a communication tool, the user has a problem can consult online talent, this is to do the micro letter an advantage, and have played an important role in promoting trade.

now covers more than 80 partners in hangzhou, the background in after receiving the user’s maintenance single information, according to geographical location and the vehicles transporting the recent several repair shop information, at the same time will according to the needs of vehicle maintenance repair shop give a quotation, the user can according to the quotation, price and location, oneself to choose. Users can see the businessman after click details of specific information, including store scene shooting pictures and detailed management information, etc. On the choice of merchants, have grade (class 2), the scale, such as the number of technicians and senior level standard. with such big brother to than Canon Canon maintain a car, the car paint master’s biggest characteristics is a key to upload pictures, know the situation. A a vehicle examination appraisal dismissed from the trouble.

for vendors offer, the company will conduct an audit, actually they are not afraid of, because businesses need to improve itself to increase the ratio of customers. On the basis of price transparency, shop itself brand influence and power will also bring on price for their own advantage. is the price, the car paint master claims and 4 s shop homogeneity is low the price by 30%, the price concessions, quality is more susceptible to compare, so the product increased the after-sales service and the compensation mechanism. This kind of taobao’s business model, through the Internet to transform “considered” after the car market environment, laid a solid foundation for conducting O2O.

more people now know is brand 4 s shops, because on the website you can look up to. But no other entity shop online information integration, the Internet also does not have a good shopping environment and the evaluation mechanism. For emergency driver and car small white, the user will not be able to evaluate their quality is good or bad. paint masters have played an important role in an information integration, in to the repair shop after review, will dare to guarantee as a platform for their claims.

when it comes to small car scraped clean, pegged to the car insurance is inevitable. The paint master choice in terms of fee and insurance company cooperation, to undertake some insurance business orders. Hangzhou began on October 1st, is a real opportunity for companies. I ask now encountered difficulties, they smiled: “there must be some difficulties, and a bridge between merchants will have obstacles, the best case, we also need to merchants to cooperate and support.”

team currently has 10 people, CEO and operations has more than 5 years working experience in ali, when asked why they come out of your own business, “the boy was interested in the car to compare, and the car after market is more promising, the most main is in big companies there is a limit to entrepreneurship.” They both said helplessly. , chairman of the team, and auto line is compared with the “Internet +”, after the paint master is more in line with the strength of the transformation of a “+” Internet development. Name is called paint master, because want to do after car insurance master equivalent series products.

for they are in their initial, this stage is the happiness. Now they did not have the constraints and restrictions, no concern and disturb, can concentrate on doing your own products, create their own industry.