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in the ant gold online help community platform “in place”, hunting cloud network also go to subsequent reports the online quiz program. sharing knowledge economy coming, knowledge in the human brain can “sell”.

hunting cloud network reported today Saihu is Taiwan’s entrepreneurial projects, products launched in November last year for the xiamen early investors invest hundreds of thousands of seeds. The next plans to raise 3 million angels to support project operation and promotion.

the mainland now with the new App has a lot of, and the different emphasis of each product. Saihu early on in Taiwan, the product has started in China. Although a lot of similar product idea with the mainland, the but Saihu with different route is the product positioning in the early internationalization, had been prefer to meet the requirements of knowledge flow.

founder, Carlos, Wang itself, and technology is from Taiwan, IBM team founding team members mostly serial entrepreneur, respectively from IBM Taiwan, Dr Jiaotong university (Taiwan), as well as the well-known advertising agency. Carlos told cloud network, hunting is Saihu prefer to solve the user’s daily needs. Now platform belongs to the PGC mode. early in order to ensure the quality of service, the platform of the master review and packaging. For users, the master is a sale of goods, in order to guarantee the quality of the goods, and will to the master control platform.

Saihu is PGC mode at present, and future platform can increase the UGC content. And on the state of charge, Saihu platform rate is determined by the platform master, Saihu do not interfere. “Master” existing Saihu diversion flow and the user and the current Saihu users more than 1000, and a high percentage of paying customers.

Saihu decided to mainland area expansion, mainly considering the mainland payment system perfect, fast, and the knowledge economy development team background advantage in international market entry point, etc., can let this advisory services through the line on knowledge sharing behavior, and make the platform of the both sides will make a profit.

to profit, now Saihu profit comes from the smoke, each order will be perfect more value-added services, users pay charge must be the master of process, in addition to the fixed operating costs, also contains later after-sale service, this also is Saihu present a bright spot. virtual product to ensure after-sales service. The teacher has no real solution to the problem of the user, so the cost will be provided by the platform to refund services.

in summary, the present stage of Saihu is an online paid consulting platform, or a more abstract said, is a knowledge of the electric business platform. Carlos plans to establish a similar future human brain search platform of taobao. About the future market, founder told cloud network: hunting Saihu go is the international platform, in mainland China now development to attract more users. It is also a Saihu with other paid q&a platform of the mark.