from the perspective of the development course of the game, by the PC game to web game to the current popular mobile game, this is the evolutionary history of the game, then the next stage of the game will be in which direction? “What is certain is that VR will cover the original game mode”, extremely wiki (Gevek) founder wen-long xiong said.

VR (Virtual Reality, VR), VR game namely, Virtual Reality, it transformed from ordinary game through technical processing, a wiki is doing the thing. The ordinary version of large mobile game into a virtual reality mobile game, collocation of VR headsets and handle, enhance the game players sense of reality, make the player, as it were, taste the adventurous and exciting game.

“wiki” mall is a VR application. And 91 assistants, apple’s app store these comprehensive software store, a wiki do is subdivided market, namely the VR products store. The project on June 26, 2015 in jingdong the raise. Hunting cloud network, the product data is still not ideal, but wen-long xiong said don’t worry, because very wiki has been active in the field of each big exhibition and professional, on the one hand, the existing VR users against market promotion; On the other hand, to cooperate with our agent, with the agent resource to ordinary consumers put together the promotional literature. At present, most wikis is more of a “education market”, to cultivate the consumption habit of the user.

at present, pain points in the field of VR is generally concentrated in the software part. Due to the research and development of software part threshold is relatively high, therefore, more and more people will target the focus in VR glasses, helmet, handles and other hardware devices. And about VR games, there has been “the chicken or the egg came first” awkward questions. Less because of high quality VR devices, all has not top developers want to develop games for it, or because of the lack of good games lead to no players are willing to buy high quality of the VR equipment?

a wiki of two patents gave the problem a satisfactory answer. One is the independent research and development of OS Engine system, it is a wiki convert ordinary version of the mobile game or application to VR version of the core technologies, such as mobile game the assault into VR version, or virtual practice car, etc. With the technology support, wikis can be easy for the user to present more stimulus classic mobile game; A patent is input device, namely all touch handles. The handle is connected to the mobile devices via bluetooth, the head tracking support 720 degrees, at the same time also has the function of refers to the suspension, the finger is suspended above the screen, the cursor immediately displayed. Is the most effective tools for the conversion of VR version OS Engine and intelligent controller, a wiki and solve the problem of “chicken and egg”.

extremely wikis include d tank, large VR games, experience, film and television, and management of five entrance. The pole d tank is local VR application management, access; Large VR games for most wikis into large VR version of the popular mobile game, store now has 40 measured VR game; Experiences are the market popular VR Demo game, wikis provide download experience. Users to use a mobile phone on a wiki application platform, can be in the big games to download has been extremely wikis into large VR mobile game, and then in a very d tank open has been downloaded to the local VR games, through bluetooth 4.0 connection handle, and to bring mobile phones has been loaded in the VR headsets, can open a magical journey of VR.

wen-long xiong told hunting cloud network, the current VR market is very small, it is just because of the lack of content, a wiki can do driving the market expand rapidly. Also said that a wiki focused on the conversion of VR games, does not involve game, the game in the store prices are game publishers rules of the game itself, a wiki transformation by VR version are not separate charges.

very early wiki profit is mainly hardware handle sales, this handle the market price for 248 yuan. Main profit is late with game publishers and channel into the depth of cooperation.

reference to the future development planning, wen-long xiong said that a wiki at present mainly in perfecting the content of the software platform, improve the effect of user experience. It also disclosed to hunt cloud network, the product android version will be launched in August, iOS version will be launched in December. A version of the OS 8 Engine is developing, at the same time, intelligent controller upgrade will meet with the user in the near future.

a wiki is affiliated with Beijing extremely wiki technology co., LTD., the company was established in October 2014, the current team is less than 20 people, the founder of wen-long xiong for serial entrepreneur, graduated from jiangxi nanchang university, major in computer science, many years of experience in research and development of smart phones, participated in samsung, sharp, B& N a line at home and abroad companies such as mobile phone tablet project. Has completed hundreds of millions of angel rounds of financing, mainly used in the research and development of new products, the company’s daily operations and market promotion.