the original meters music co-founder and vice President to serve on raw recently with the “mirror”, this is he after meters business once again.

in the era of mobile Internet, and after words, pictures, video seems to have become people to obtain information and dissemination of information more vivid expression. Based on this, the video broadcast social was born to serve on as of greater value, so the “mirror” online.

about video social, everyone earlier understanding is the taps, seconds, and waived by tencent micro view short video sharing applications. But, by the application, the user can upload only a few seconds or seconds short video, broadcast content and watch the interaction can achieve unity, more content were quasi real-time, while the “mirror” will be more accurate real-time news is the first time to show and the content of the long time limit, the media from the real-time, let live is no longer the exclusive of the professionals.

open the “mirror” App, can be a key live, high-definition real-time transmission, support online character beauty. With social networking platforms such as weibo, micro letter, can real-time share to other social platforms. Different from the traditional pattern of thumb up interaction, reflected the guest for the first time by using dynamic thumb up, real time review interactions, and exceptional patterns, to concern and love to yourself’s gifts in real time. In addition, reflected the guest is the world’s first adaptation Apple Watch live App, not through mobile phone, the user can easily control the whole process of live. Reflected the guest is committed to building has become the fashion life live platform for young people.

founder of the “mirror” to serve on raw tell hunting cloud network, with the current products have emerged in the field of video broadcast boring compared to sowing, Chinese prickly ash, etc, “mirror” positioning is partial fashion class life live. Just last month, the “mirror” has just signed a Taiwan from the media. “yi fang magic land.” In the next year, the “mirror” will cooperate with “yi fang magic land” building the first domestic mobile phone live food life class program, combining tourism and cuisine. In addition, reflected the guest user groups positioning is female, towards beauty makeup video broadcast TV. Overseas the use of the user community is also one of the characteristics of “mirror”.

“mirror” in the end of may this year, to serve on birth, according to the current user has more than 100000, hundreds of people have signed the host, and also in recruiting fashionistas, invite them into the “mirror” platform, and fans to share their fashion life, such as online teaching girl makeup, clothing collocation, etc., the user can according to oneself circumstance XiangDaRen real-time consulting. At present, the content of the anchor is team to improve to improve quality, content of anchor finer, more pleasing to improve the user experience, better guide and drive the fan real-time broadcast your life, enhance the user viscosity.

business model building, in said, by the user to host a service charge of some gifts such as service level, food, live TV broadcast ads and other way to obtain certain benefits.

at present, the company has complete angel financing, has been used in team building, product research and development, etc.