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most of the small and medium-sized enterprises exist backward management style, office procedure complex, modeling, and other issues. How to use the advantage of the Internet to innovation, enterprise development for small and medium-sized enterprises, is an opportunity is also a real problem. Today cloud network to introduce the hunting “cool sheep optimal enterprise treasure” is a micro letter as introduction, optimization of small and medium-sized enterprise office management, strengthen internal communication platform.

best companies treasure founder Kong Xiaobing tell hunting cloud network: “although there is also a micro letter to the public platform of small and medium-sized enterprises as a new window of the enterprise, but due to limited manpower and operation problems, utilization rate is low.” Public and optimal enterprises based on third party treasure micro letter, provide enterprises with convenient internal management and external display function. Optimal prices treasure launched in March of this year, at present belongs to the trial operation stage, invited more than 10 enterprises. Now the team has three core personnel, have many years of experience in software development, specializes in technology research and development of the product.

after micro letter public enterprise registration number, optimal enterprise treasure for free with the basic management module, the enterprise to pay attention to the public and staff management. At the same time, enterprises can also choose a key authorized companies treasure, managed by optimal enterprise treasure to provide personalized service. At present, the optimal qi treasure to provide enterprises with the foundation of service content is mainly in the following aspects:

enterprise is introduced: the optimal enterprise treasure to provide enterprises with a variety of templates, companies choose a template you like to add some text can directly generate the introduction of enterprise web, mobile terminal and PC can access.


enterprise in WeChat public, will be in the form of broadcast news, convey to all the users attention, also can choose only broadcast to their employees.

employee directory: the management of the enterprise in optimal treasure to provide enterprises after upload staff contact page, each employee can view the other employees in their own WeChat’s contact information.

article wages: traditional enterprises need the employees’ wages and social security information printed into pay salary to employees, optimal qi bao article wages by micro letter instead of paper. After the staff salary information upload, employees can be in their own WeChat receiving salary detail.

note: employees can apply for leave on micro letter, optimal qi bao will send its upper management according to the staff subordinate departments, managers can decide approval or denial.

in addition to the basic function, the optimal value of companies pay more attention to provide cultural treasure. Kong Xiaobing said: “most of the public, just know company ACTS as an external tool, optimal valuable not only in the service of the staff and business enterprises, but also a way to understand the enterprise employees. We hope to improve office efficiency of enterprises, but also more hope that through this platform to strengthen communication between the enterprise and the staff, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, optimal prices after the treasure will be related to the welfare function, can let staff welfare, easily give benefits managers easily. Kong Xiaobing said: “we hope that through this platform to let employees agree with their business, pay attention to enterprise development dynamic, positive and corporate communication, communication.”

according to incomplete statistics, more than 60 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, in view of the small and medium-sized enterprise office system service is becoming more and more targeted. Such as “this goal” for small and medium-sized enterprise informationization management, for the communication between the enterprise internal, enterprise set up a convenient and fast platform; “Good team” is a enterprise management into office OA software, can provide enterprises with the task, the examination and approval, such as documents, attendance, sign in management.

compared with mobile manager App, optimal prices to WeChat treasure as the carrier, do not need to download and install, based on the enterprise has some subscription and services to provide management services, improve the viscosity. On the function, the optimal enterprise treasure can not only optimize the enterprise office management, pay more attention to the communication between employees and enterprises, more humanistic care.

business model, optimal enterprise treasure the “basic function free + part of value-added services, personalized service employees” model, enterprises can free to register to use basic functions, part of the value function.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, excellent enterprise treasure angel round is underway.