map hui is a collection of online graphics, look at the picture, the exchange maps, business enterprise application services and geographic intelligence analysis, which integrates the Internet cloud services portal. Hui location is hui “map”, a location based on GIS tools, designed to help small shops to solve location problems. The product owner YanYongWei tell hunting cloud network, development of hui location based mainly on two points. On the one hand, he wanted to help a friend to open a shop but with no free site selection tools; On the other hand, under the wave of the venture, he wanted to support for entrepreneurs to provide data analysis. Therefore, combined with the large data and GIS map hui technology advantage, hui location was born.

similar large data analysis tool on the market at present basically and baidu SiNa (outdoor) and ali observatory, but the emphasis of the three new products vary. Baidu SiNa (outdoor) define themselves as location-based data analysis tool of outdoor advertising; Ali observatory is also based on the macroscopic analysis of big data, there is no focus on location.

the current location of the market is not mature, large companies will have their own site development team, medium-sized company usually looking for a consulting company, small company bosses were the choice directly to the scene investigation, the time cost is high, the high cost. The development of a site selection tools, can help the user to save a lot of manpower material resources. At the same time, based on analysis of large data location method can improve location accuracy and compatibility.

business model, hui location using model free of charge. Set up shop for low cost stores (e.g., small restaurants), hui location to provide free services, the future will gradually open more free services. Set up shop for the high cost of system customization demanding businesses (e.g., brands), hui location can provide customized service. Specific to the operating level, hui location will provide point of interest, the netizen behavior, consumption ability and consumption habits, population, economic data, trade circle area, houses, the data analysis. User in choosing a city business circle, industry, after the store type, can see on the map information business circle, and the analysis results of open position. Originally a month or more of its location, now a few hours or even a few minutes to complete.

Hui site planning of the

, the future will open more industry classification data, at the same time also has a development plan of APP.

“” the most important task is to train users, to big customers realize the value of big data location, let the street shop owner know shop location using informatization technology would be more convenient and more accurate.” YanYongWei tell hunting cloud network.

team, hui site member ever service world 500 strong enterprises, have rich experience in actual combat. Technical core Chang Yongkang, 9 years of experience in technology research and development, the current focus on large data processing platform of Spark. Data director Chen Changjiao, deep in the navigation electronic maps, remote sensing value-added services more than 10 years, in charge of hui of GIS location data. PeiLuYing marketing director and is responsible for site selection for hui into partners.