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friend fool dream town in hangzhou, dozen have a shakedown is in an incubator, and all here for over a week. Incubator small sister used to be caring and attentive, concerned about the monkey elder brother how to live in, praised for bay west supplied with shower said, is too personal. Not pulled, the picture is beautiful ~

to the chase, the programmer inn 2.0 to online, to work remotely as the breakthrough point, do remote Internet enterprise technology center, being a good programmer’s agent. Launched in dream town park visit team for ten companies, harvest a lot. Saw some of the technical team, and awareness of some very unprofessional trying, really want to know what your technology is belong to. Today to talk about the process of product development, this is also a serious problem. Solve the problem of the process, who knew the technical team needs, product development is half the battle.

a project’s development process is generally “idea” “prototype” “design” “development” “test”.

generally just starting a business man, has no experience in product research and development company, the word, they provide PPT are all belong to “idea”, no matter it in detail describes how tall the belong to the idea. Many of the founders or the product owner, so with his “idea” of the world to look for a person to do development, just a on programmer, some programmer technology ability is good, cheerful after the project, then ~ ~ ~ housing project. Programmers do outsourcing distribution inn last year also seriously face the problem. Until don’t understand why this is so, now just want to know is because there is no process project, slowly in the more people the more disorderly. Project positioning fuzzy at the beginning, not the prototype is designed, do development directly, without a static flow chart of design and development to catch up to increase manpower, put on a developed not document don’t want to tube. You feel, the practice of these are very bad, with the quality of the products can be good. Do product to develop the kind of at is not looking for a contractor to build a house.

so can do a good product must need to “idea” “prototype” “design” to “development” “test” this process has a profound cognition and practice. Even if not completely according to this, also want to have a similar effective routines, guarantee products modular process. Want to know the product development most now is not a person, can be done so united coordinated development, so many people need to combine process and schedule planning. In this way can we ensure the quality of the project, make good products. Below on the above understanding of each process and the start of the next process conditions to do a simple instructions, let everybody have a whole visual sense.


the so-called idea is all oral description, meeting communication, word PPT excel text description. No matter how detailed description, how to let you know, all just belong to the idea. And some nontechnical industry to crossover to the Internet before boss communication, they often described his own