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today announced in early 2015 to obtain is very serious, millions of RMB funds and 3 w angel financing funds will further improve the team and technicians supply chain structure of the building, Beijing, Shanghai and declared entering the market.

nine brother was established in early 2015, based on micro letter to make an appointment of O2O door-to-door massage service, aimed at office segment scene of head and neck and shoulder massage services. Nine brother platform technicians are 5 years working experience + 18 professional skill + 16 return an industry standard, must after nine brother internal strict training, unified examination after work.

as O2O segmentation in the field of industry, the door of the massage homogeneity is particularly serious, the founder of the nine brother ZangYang chau said in an interview with cloud network hunting, nine brother clear market positioning accuracy, the target user is 25 to 35 years old urban white-collar workers, main office of head and neck and shoulder massage.

office scenario focus and head and neck shoulder needs focus in ZangYang seems nine brother two advantages. Through the reasonable allocation of resources, 1 hour nine may strive to achieve rapid appointments, strengthening order reflects the speed, improve the service efficiency. In shenzhen, for example, nine brother concentrated areas concentrated in white-collar office, has realized the lightning orders, timely reflect.

under the wave of mobile Internet, became the industry recognized one of the profit model of O2O, in volume, users, the rapid development of a bullish capital market. After the door of the massage area remains a blue ocean market competition intensified. Since detonate market in 2014, the door massage users education and habits are gradually improve.

however, door to door massage industry is booming at the same time it still has many problems, in addition to the serious homogeneity, low service professional degree, low efficiency of the door, safe hidden trouble, the female technician orders could face harassment, etc., are to some extent hindered the door massage the comprehensive popularization. The ZangYang chau said that nine brother’s office location scene, the strict training of technicians will solve public service hidden fear.

in the end, ZangYang continent also revealed that there are nearly 100 people in shenzhen nine brother technician team, at the end of May 9 May, single volume has reached 1500, nearly 1800 service enterprise, month after purchase rate of 32%. For future planning, ZangYang chau said, nine brother head and neck shoulder service not only confined to do in the future.

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