once people need to wear or replace glasses, see the doctor the trouble will make a lot of people off, but it turns out that you don’t need those very professional lens more machines to do an eye test for you. Opternative company has passed the clinical trials, and today unveiled a $40 eye exam service online.

all you need is a computer, a smart phone, wireless network and the test time of 25 minutes, take a look at what lines appear more blurred. Within 24 hours, Opternative company will generate test results, and send a copy of the prescription for you, you can use this prescription to buy glasses or contact lenses, whether glasses electricity Warby Parker real-world entities glasses shop.

Opternative is currently the only approved online eye exam. The company has enough consciousness, has established close cooperation with large online retailers, which makes Opternative can save people in the eye doctor spend $50 to $100, at the same time to see the world clearly.

use the software instead of the traditional eye exam

after graduated from the school of optometry, Steven Lee convinced that computers and smartphones should provide an alternative to the traditional way to optometry refractometer. Then, he and serial entrepreneur Aaron Dallek launched Opternative company in Chicago.

2014, Opternative Tribeca Venture Partners, Chicago Ventures and Healthbox seed round of $1 million, at the same time, Opternative also ushered in the CTO Ayo Jimoh join (founder of the university of friends), then began to constantly improve product improvement. And after, the Pritzker Group, Jump Capital and old cast’s $2 million investment, promote Opternative entered clinical trials in this step.

in the interview, Lee told me finally won the unprecedented success “, “clinical trials. Regulators thought at that time, Opternative test and refractive results in hospital. Opternative won approval in 45 countries, 27 countries can use at present.

if you want to do the test, you only need to Opternative website, answer some basic questions, about when was your last test, and if you have eye diseases, etc. By measuring a credit card, to calibrate your display, then use Wifi and function of SMS confirmation, will your phone and computer synchronization, so that the remote computer.

the whole test will be about 25 minutes. You need according to the given text prompt on the screen, in turn, cover your one eye, and then look at your computer screen, answer your phone given on the related issues about visual acuity:

how many line like this in the picture? The shape of which of the following pictures and other pictures? Dots around the chromatic number is what? In some tests, you also need to give your shoe size size, walking a few steps outside the answer this question to the direction of the computer.

in the end, you need to pay $40 to view the test results, and obtain normal prescription glasses or contact lenses electronics. For two types of prescription glasses need $60. Tip: if you never wear contact lenses, you can only get a normal prescription glasses, unless you can submit the old lenses prescription.

user experience report

recently, I found myself looking at the distant street signs and airport gate number when the line of sight is a little fuzzy, so I Opternative site to do the test. Give instructions are very clear, the remote control is also useful.

test time is a little long, but I strongly feel this is a test of medical level. My only complaint is that sometimes it is not like face-to-face test, it’s hard to know what it is has three lines or four lines, shows the X or O.

when you’re in the doctor’s office, even if you screwed up, or think about some questions, you have confidence in the correctness of the test results are. So when Opternative, through their own HIPAA – compiant website generated prescription to submit results, you need to have more trust, let yourself believe that the results will not be the wrong answer.

as for the current clinical trials, Opternative test result is accurate. However, some medical diseases related to eyes Opternative can not be measured, so you’d better go to the doctor every few years there to check the eyes.

about the future vision

at present, obtain eye exam means nothing more than several: the doctor’s office, let the doctor door-to-door service with professional equipment, or buy expensive smartphones software protector, such as Smart Vision Labs produced a SVOne application (hunting cloud network note: Smart Vision SVOne Labs team introduced products, the actual is for iPhone adds a special lens, which can help doctors in medical conditions are not perfect at any time to check the eye disease patients).

EyeNetra companies are working on a head-mounted device based on VR technology to do an eye test. And Opternative is only a kind of no additional equipment, can independently test method at home.

Opternative for glasses online retailers to solve a major problem. Prescription is only valid for one year, so if these glasses online sellers of potential customers didn’t go to the eye doctor recently, they can’t get the clear glasses specification instruction. Lee told me in an interview, Opternative are efforts to cooperate with these companies, they can provide customers for Opternative Opternative provide electronic prescription.

in the end, Opternative hope can use their own technology for the benefit of society, for the developing countries to provide a cheap eye exam. Opternative also in creating a touch screen kiosks, can provide online inspection service in entity glasses store.

vision clear there is no doubt that helps people to study, work and enjoy life. As the world began to information and knowledge-based economy transformation, clear vision of value is also rising. You only need one suitable for your glasses, the world in your eyes, and tentacles.

Opternative online eye exam at present in 27 countries have been approved.


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