(text/Zhao Zixiao)

e pastoral animal husbandry investment treasure is a focus on Internet platform for the mobile Internet, goal is universal in livestock farming, building in the city “grassland pasture.”

users on e shepherd treasure platform with 1000 yuan price adopt a sheep, the sheep only 650 yuan, the cost of breeding costs 350 yuan. Need a sheep from the column are 100 days a year, slaughter processing takes about 20 days or so, there are 120 days, the cycle of four months. The user can see the Inner Mongolia grassland pasture will broadcast live on the platform, the situation of the management of the sheep and growth status can be clearly observed. Four months later, in addition to sheep 1000 yuan of capital, and excess return of 5%, fold the adult yield is 15%.

e pastoral treasure co-founder and CTO ha son said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the first e ranch for users is more than the middle class investors, provide them with a way of financial management. But in the online, users not only has the people, and a large part of “the dream silk” the crowd. Their spending power is not high, more focused on entertainment. They may don’t care about benefits, investment is also very few, can experience the feeling of a when the ranchers themselves, can also share the breeding of fun.

in order to build a complete industrial chain, the user can in addition to buy sheep ranch in the virtual, can also has some online U + fresh mutton shop to buy a ranch. , 20 now offline store in Beijing, all in the surrounding community. In addition, in order to save the user the painful process of cooking, U + fresh store also offers free processing services, users can buy for the price of fresh mutton processing good cooked food eaten.

most of the current breeding enterprise on a smaller scale, link layer upon layer overlay after the price will be much higher. People buy to eat mutton source, recently “zombie meat” news and speculation, can eat to safe meat became a big problem. E animal husbandry in order to pass the collectivize way of farming and treasure which prides itself on all open and transparent process, also can have price advantage.

in the pasture sheep, we can see the live process so the slaughter process how to guarantee? Ha good child explained, e shepherd treasure has a strict quality monitoring system. Mutton in the slaughterhouse after will be labeled halal, this means that after the sheep into the abattoir two screenings needed: animal inspection and sanitary inspection. Animal inspection by the health institutions and the Muslim association appointed professionals, living without any condition of sheep is allowed to enter the slaughterhouse; The second health check is for detecting after meat products, in case of pathological changes of problems after slaughter.

from the initial P2P platform to the present mode of whole industry chain, e shepherd treasure is also in constant. The son said, animal husbandry or a piece of “virgin land” in the Internet, didn’t have a lot of similar products on the market at present, some products focus on P2P platform, no fresh distribution of road. Everyone is at the exploration stage, CEO of chang-jiang wu is also explored after many roads to find such a kind of new pattern. He thinks that set up the Internet platform through the first part is the industrialization. If only traditional breeding, can only limited tourism industry development, only to ensure strict industrialization process can guarantee results.

e pastoral treasure belonging to the animal husbandry science and technology Beijing co., LTD., the company was established in April this year. CEO chang-jiang wu had focused on agriculture animal husbandry industrial farming; CTO ha son good before ten years focused on ERP system research and development, product design are turning to the Internet in recent years. The core team a total of more than 30 people, including 20 people online, offline core members, a total of ten people.

e pastoral treasure micro letter online and end on June 28, 7000 registered users, active users about 200 people. E treasure to open two to three a week period, a period of 500 sheep.

when it comes to some recent development plan, the child to the product traceability direction in the future, and distribution, launched in August will truly achieve “the last kilometer”. App launches after provide greater platform users more convenient to communication and e pastoral treasure will also try to develop in the direction of offline interaction. U + fresh store will be open to 100 by the end of home, covered in the Beijing area.

e pastoral treasure has been obtained from the angel investment of 8 million yuan in June, joint investment by the force farmers group and the two institutions. In the next few months, e shepherd treasure will launch A round of funding.