cloud network hunting note: in this paper, the subtitle is: for the three levels of “light” definition online FAQ. The author is that the topic co-founder wang qing yuan, its views on behalf of the author only.

education products to meet the needs of the students, teachers, parents, and at the same time, it is a false proposition

do education into line, everybody said the difficult, difficult is difficult in the teachers, parents and students in the three parties. Logic is simple: students have no ability to pay, to persuade parents to pay, must by the teacher. So each product are racking their brains to meet teachers, persuade parents, kidnapped students.

I think it is a false dichotomy.

the students have no ability to pay? A second-tier cities of middle school students monthly allowance of 200 ~ 400, about 20% more than 500; Three or four line level slightly lower, most students have about 50-100 a month. Second, parents can only be affected by the teacher? According to our investigation, and parents in the child’s discretionary spending, more than 30% of the consumption is willingness to listen to children. Education, therefore, the product is bad to do, its basic reason did not impress students. Learning is passive, in order to circumvent this problem, can only turn into the teacher and parents; This is in order to solve a difficult problem in another problem. So, do a let students truly good education product, is the way in the world.

unriddling is students just need

han yu in the poem said once said “teacher, knowledge to reassure also. Due to the shortage of education resources in our country and the uneven distribution, usually a teacher in the face of 20 ~ 60 students. Class “preach” and “knowledge” has evolved into a kind of rote teaching, as for the “light” is no more effective solutions.

work is within each of the exam-oriented education system the mandatory task facing the students, 90% of students are met homework problems, 60% of the students is at least a problem every day. Meet homework won’t do? Teacher’s absence, even in the nearby, about a third of the students are afraid to ask the teacher; Students answer ability is limited; The parents to the junior middle school science subject has been unable to tutoring. Face the problem, only by the students themselves to find knowledge, reading materials, review notes, solve the proportion of is relatively low. Not only time-consuming, homework should be written in the middle of the night every day, also hit confidence.

as a result, “and” be knot of learning. Questions over the night, the second day few students can consciously take the initiative to go to solve. How many students, swallowed, day after day, wondering, is not so much the more, also can’t go to the solution. Enter higher grades, subject examines dimension increasing, knowledge gaps legacy. Old didn’t solved, new, more do not understand, cycle, that they don’t even know where the student will not.

observation from the perspective of psychology, the difficulty of the moment, it is curious peak, popular point said, is that students want to study in an instant. This is also consistent with our observations: the moderate majority of the class, they often take notes the most serious, each teaching done from beginning to end, difficulties had strong motivation and desire to solve. But when this desire is not responding, teenagers are easy to retreat, and inspire their learning motivation is very difficult. Therefore, seize the fleeting moment, timely and accurate to solve the problem, with the thinking of “on-demand” solve the pain points, a good product.

answering question and answering questions

to “answer” as the breakthrough point of the product, broke out in 2013-2014 is a period. As the breakthrough in the field of pattern recognition technology in K12, based on the mobile terminal product photos and question bank search, quickly captured the scale of tens of millions of users and become real flow entrance in K12 field.

however, provide an answer with the answer, or a big difference. First of all, education is not standardized products, student because the individual understanding ability, the study way, the knowledge structure of differences between the basic elements, such as asked by starting point is not the same. Reply to the standard answer, is it not used aspirin headaches brain hot sent? ! Secondly, the process of learning is not a one-way infusion. The ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign education are interpersonal talk with. In classroom communication between teachers and students, still cannot be replaced by the screen with the mouse. Therefore, only is not enough to give the answer, the answer is also in ask and answer, ask and answer, this information interaction in the process of back and forth. Finally, the purpose of answering questions is not only to solve a problem, and should be one instance, follow. In the problem solving based on the introduction of knowledge induction and summary, so that the ability training, like this only then can achieve the goal that practice generation to learn. Practice and summary, just is the true meaning of learning.

define three levels of answering questions online

if you want to standardize the hot online FAQ, setting a standard process, the author bucai, dared to borrow three state of master wang guowei studied, to borrow a few words of doggerel of answering questions to define three levels:

the first level, is “the you find place, but it did not work”. Students get stuck on a problem, struggling to meditation, a mystery. This time, just need most timely resolution, he is suddenly enlighted, or even simply astounding. The first level of answering questions, therefore, is to give the answer. Now picture search products, has been able to quickly and low cost by means of technology to solve.

the second level, can use “what comes next, also ask where is the slag pot” to describe. Machines may give an answer, but don’t tell the real problem, which requires people to “dig”. Through between teachers and students ask and answer, and even the teacher to guide, until to the point. This level, especially on the title of senior comprehensive knowledge using is particularly important because students are at the root of the problem, is often a variety of mixed together. The cobwebs can find the core of the problem, in fact, not far from the solve the problem is. This point, the pure technology is still not possible, artificial intelligence is a advanced science, in terms of industrial application, I’m afraid there are a few years or even decades of way to go. Machine and the combination of artificial may be more practical and practical solution.

the third level, to borrow a ChanYu: “Buddha” of a flower a world, a leaf one. One or two questions, may reveal the student cognition on the blind spot, or a method using the rusty. Temperament, so just need a little inspiration, from a single subject, logical to transition to the knowledge and methodology of the comb, common-sense, instance, perhaps is the effectiveness of get twice the result with half the effort on the research. The next step in the online FAQ, naturally is personalized coaching. Such, do not show abrupt and artificial, it was also at the moment I want to learn to good medicine blindly, meet the thirst for knowledge, studious seeds.


from the give the answer, to find root cause, to instance, are in line, step by step. Guidance and management of the learning process, it is also should be as the inherent logic of education workers do answer the product. The real focus, or want to return to the essence of education: a student really want products, this is the mentality and the real value of entrepreneur should have.