(text/Tan Ziling)

Internet technology provides us with a variety of masks, we can on every platform to shape a self, which is the most true to yourself? Red, white and blue to find the most true expression of the platform.

red, white and blue is a social software based on real emotion, referring to establish the purpose of the red, white and blue, founder of du said the team is not focus on information communication, emotional expression, but “only if you remove the mask, labels, concept, character, you can express yourself freely. Therefore, I hope that through a platform and way to transfer the most real emotions.”

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one-way anonymous acquaintance social software , red, white and blue with the mobile phone address book binding, only mobile phone address book friends to become friends. In a world of red, white and blue, is a one-way strange between acquaintances, the user can be directed to send information to a friend, but the information the recipient cannot know the sender’s name, such mechanisms can let users in a relaxed environment expresses their most true feelings. If it is a strange number to send information, the software will display black, suggests that information not from friends in his address book.

in addition, red, white and blue will increase popularity system, friends can give anonymous users in the address book, each person can only make a score, score is between 60-99. Through scores of constitute, the user can know the overall impression between friends.

du will be the target audience of red, white and blue located in 80-95 after those with independent thinking, free will sprout, rich individual character, have the courage to express the pursuit. “Red, white and blue hope people to express the deepest psychological feelings of humanity, and these things may be positive energy, may also be a negative energy, could encourage some, also may hurt some people, but they are real life in the online mapping,” du told cloud network, hunting for the red, white and blue may produce negative energy, the team has set up a reasonable mechanism to protect the user.

as we have learned, red, white and blue 1.0 launched in May this year, the team is based on user feedback change improve product features, version 2.0 is expected to be launched in September. In the future, the product will increase the group chat function, users can anonymously in a familiar people to express their ideas and views.

the social product market competition is intense, even more, it can be broadly divided into socialization of social products, extensive social acquaintances social product, and strangers. in the social social products market, weibo is a typical example, it is the scope covered by the whole society each industry; Micro letter acquaintances can be regarded as a kind of extensive social product, it can add any friends that can search a nearby people, to carry out social activities; And devoted to stranger is a stranger based social products, such products with geographical location or opportunities to create social interests as the core to the user.

so, red, white and blue is a relatively strong social applications , can only be friends is friends in the address book. Content, the setting of the unidirectional truth can enhance the user express feelings.

in terms of business model, du said will constantly improve products at present, in the users after reaching a certain size, will be able to pass a membership-based, anonymous electric business services, advertising services to generate revenues.

in addition, cloud network hunting, red, white and blue team is now officially launched the angel financing plan.