in this day and age, every business owner, old and young, all understand the importance of technology in enterprise, promote enterprise growth, standardized tasks and simplify procedures, etc.

if this year if your budget is ample, the first thing is to consider whether to need to upgrade or the introduction of new technology, equipment and software. According to your individual needs, you can consider the following six technology.

1. Marketing automation software

if you are still manual handling all aspects of the network marketing, you can waste a lot of time and the opportunity, not to mention improve your efficiency and accuracy. Marketing automation software has many advantages, such as email marketing management, site analysis, budget tool, return on investment calculation and homepage construction and so on. You can use these software, spend thousands of dollars a month, of course, also have a very basic version to choose from, only need to pay hundreds of dollars a month. For this kind of top software solutions, try custom database.

2. Responsive web design

Google announced in April 21, 2015: in the mobile terminal to search the web, the site of mobile adaptability will influence the ranking search results. Although other methods can also be more or less to solve these problems, but if early investment responsive web design will be better. Paul Mosley, Bluehost market manager, always encourage users to try to use responsive design. He said: “in this way, will be more likely to accept the new changes. If you are interested to know more, you can tell your designer, look at what you can do before the deadline.”

3 . double screen display

if you haven’t used dual screen display, that you may well imagine the double screen display can bring much benefit to you. Not only do they provide you with more space, also can open multiple applications at the same time without having to constantly minimize maximize. For example, you have two 27 inches display, you can open your email at the same time, the browser, spreadsheets, and Word document.

4 . standing desks

if you sit all day face computer, your cervical vertebra, lumbar back and shoulders may be very uncomfortable. But standing desks can easily help you to solve these problems. Most standing desks are placed in the original table, needs of standing at work when you can put the table, sat down to come down again. This desk is helpful to improve the work efficiency of people and health.

5 . POS system

for retail store owner, the POS system is the choice of the high cost performance, especially compared with the traditional cash register. Processing trade, and tracking sales or generate sales report, will be more convenient. No matter you choose which kind of POS machine system, mostly can run on tablets and smart devices.

6 . bluetooth security cameras

if you run brick-and-mortar retailers, you need some security measures. Although you don’t need senior professional video surveillance system, but there are some cheap safety equipment is worthy of your choice. Netgear VueZone retail price is only $200, for example, you can access the Internet anytime and anywhere in the device view the surveillance video and does not need any cable.

whenever when you buy a new technology, equipment and resources, you need to always remember integration and efficiency maximization.

in other words, to ensure that new and existing solutions, software and technology can be compatible with each other, good operation, and at the same time to ensure that new investment will really help to you.

although some technical function is rich, but not necessarily are useful to you. Aware of their needs, to find the most suitable solution, is the sensible thing to do.

in most cases, these investments will help business owners to simplify the process, improve efficiency and protect their assets.


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