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do you know when in 2013, Forbes to Ireland voted best for the country to do business? This is largely because Ireland has a close contact with the international enterprises, skilled workforce and efficient labor productivity and enough investment incentives. This makes the Irish in the IMD world competitiveness yearbook reports to get high marks.

although Ireland is famous for its nothing special industries, is not like gambling, Finland preference or advantage in terms of security of Israel, the startup of Ireland represents a lot of areas, including SaaS, team collaboration platform, health care, marketing, security, and big data. This article lists the ten great potential of Irish startup, from beginning to end to all great Trustev to was born in Iran is still in the seed stage of the company.

1. Trustev

keywords: e-commerce, fraud detection, software, security protection.


: Trustev is of great fame, Ireland one of promising start-ups, it will counterfeiting shielding network fraud prevention technology, at the same time make the real customers can continue to buy, make sure that the vast majority of buyers will not be screened by accident.

: 2013.


: $7.8 million, round, a total of 10 investors (in order)

1. The exchangeable stocks according to: 3.2 million euros, 2014. A Venture Capital investor: Wayra, ACT, Mangrove Capital Partners, Greycroft Partners

2. The seed wheel: $500000, 2013. Investors: Notion Capital

3. Seed round: $3 million, 2013. Investors: Notion Capital, Shane

4. Angel round: $300000, 2013. Investors: Wayra

Founder of the

: Pat Phelan, Chris Kennedy

location: county cork, New York,

creative point: a CMO Rurik Bradbury replied: Trustev USES a unique way to prevent the e-commerce fraud. Compared to create “rules” to decide which deals to block (for example: some area, the anonymous visitors, etc.), the software will refer to the data at the same time, so it can be make a wise decision at the same time, shielding the user won’t mistake.

the team members from many technology companies, including: Facebook, Telefonica, Symantec, Paypal

2. Clavis Insight

keywords: e-commerce, SaaS, consumer goods, enterprise software


: Clavis Insight, to provide customers the company’s online retail data analysis, to identify effective ways to the growth of their performance and maintain their reputation, be in dealer market strong competition.

: 2008. In the beginning, they focus on data quality. Since 2012, they turn to online data analysis.


: in 2009, 2011, 2013 three rounds of financing.

: investors SEP, Delta, Enterprise Ireland

: total financing amount about 10 million euros

Founder of the

: Garry Moroney, Chris McCauley

location: Dublin, Boston, London, Shanghai

creative point: market vice President Tom Golden replied: Clavis Insight, employs more than 15 nationality’s 100 employees. This diversity makes us for diversified market, products and services from Asia, Europe and America. Is not only the language ability, and also plays important role culture and common sense.

contribution value: e-commerce has taken the retail industry according to reinvent the categories, such as: books, electronics and fashion, until recently, however, to remove some market in China, such as Britain, and France, FMCG and grocery industry is a part of the Internet giant divvied up barely surviving. As food the development of electronic commerce in the United States and other countries, the situation is gradually changing, has reached a qualitative change.

Clavis Insight based on international standardization of key performance indicators (KPIs), provides the advanced cloud solutions, continuous monitoring of transmission and analysis of the electronic commerce of all channels, including: laptop, mobile Internet, mobile phone software, to provide a measure for the CPG, set goals and improve their e-commerce channels form all over the world and performance.

3. Xpreso

keywords: e-commerce, logistics, SaaS

overview : Xpreso enhances the accuracy of the distribution system, and reduce the failure rate distribution. This is by offering customers, electronics retailer, distribution and distribution company to be able to realize real-time data.

: 2013.


: $1.1 million, a total of three rounds.

1. The seed wheel: 850000 euros, 2014. A Venture Capital investor: ACT

2. The seed wheel: 50000 euros, 2014. Investors: MasterCard Start Path

3. Seed round: 50000 euros, 2013. Investors: NDRC

site :


creative point: Xpreso market and business executive explained: Xpreso through distribution to the “people”, rather than a distribution to the “ground”, solved the problem of e-commerce in the last kilometer. Xpreso SaaS solution provides the network consumer’s dynamic tracing and accurate shipping times, makes the distribution company improved the success rate for the first time distribution. Relocation function and easy return process, let the parcel delivery and return process more joint users a busy lifestyle. Solution also simplifies the cod, VAT and timing distribution process.

contribution value: the online retail sector will be predicted to reach a value of $121.3 billion in 2019, compared with 81.3% growth in 2014. The data suggest that the parcel delivery tremendous potential in the next few years. At present, the distribution process has yet to reach its highest efficiency, in the distribution chain, different stakeholders such as online shoppers and shipping operators, electronics retailers, are faced with a number of risks.

4. Intercom

keyword : software, mobile phones, SaaS, customer relationship management, technical support, marketing automation


: Intercom to real-time conversation, directional information and email, coupled with their own software platform and intelligent technology, to help businesses reduce the distance with their customers.

: 2011.


: $30.8 million, four rounds, a total of 21 investors.

1. B round of investment: $23 million, 2014. Investors: The Social + Capital Partnership, Bessemer Venture Partners

2. A round of investment: $6 million, 2013. Investors: Freestyle Capital, The Social + Capital Partnership, David Sacks

3. Seed round: $750000, 2012. Investor: 500 Startups, Freestyle Capital

4. Seed round: $1 million, 2012. Investors: Andy McLoughlin, Biz Stone, Dan Martell, David Coallier, Stuart Coulson, across Stanley, David Hauser, 500 Startups such as

Founder of the

: Eoghan McCabe, Des making, Ciaran Lee, David Barrett.

location: Dublin, San Francisco

creative point: Intercom communications project manager Aaron answered Forman, Intercom is one-stop service, make the whole enterprise end can see consumers, talk to the user. Intercom clients through the way of concise and communicate with their customers to achieve sales and development, marketing and help, use knowledge of product characteristics, at the same time get feedback for product improvement. By all of the functions and a communication platform, users have a simple knowledge of their customer base, make they can provide consumers with the best personalized interaction, let users to use more happy.

5. Pulsate

keyword : software, mobile phones, Internet marketing, advertising, big data