(text/Zheng Dian)

in female supplies market, in addition to the product itself, sales channel also has a huge space for development. The development of electronic commerce makes such as gather beauty is superior, le bee network online mode gradually changing women buying habits of cosmetics, but offline stores also have a wide range of users. Online and offline all have their own advantages and disadvantages of the two complementary advantages of sales model will become the mainstream of future female cosmetic products sales channels.

“fashion” is a collection of female cosmetic brand online and offline network management O2O platform, is committed to meet the needs of network famous cosmetic brand entity shop sales. “Fashion” through “offline store + city membership service” online cosmetic brand, will realize the trading and service integration, avoid the lack of customer experience in online shopping link, enhance network brand trust.

“fashion” team early is that I wish to do a perpendicular to the cosmetics online shopping, but the beauty is superior had beat the market, the traditional Internet platform already very mature, coupled with the problems such as insufficient funds, online mode is difficult to form a “fashion” their own characteristics. So “fashion” transformation for channels, support for offline and online for services, build O2O mode of the mall. At present, the “fashion” offline has nearly hundreds of shops, online mobile market is in sustainable development.

founder Sun Yu tell hunting cloud network, the female consumer market has unlimited business opportunities, “fashion” seize the cosmetics this point serves the masses of women. “Fashion” service oriented, through all kinds of preferential activities will be drainage to online, offline users at the same time to offline entity shop as a customer service and support experience.

online offline combination and community service idea, on the basis of “fashion” join vigorously develops the offline business, explore the O2O concept of shop management, that is, a 15 square meters shop also can create the turnover of 100 – square – meter store. In the brand of product quality, design, location, display, price, etc are suitable cases, “fashion” for each brand laid in offline channels of cooperation. Neighborhood market oriented, “fashion” plans to open stores across the country, 1000, operating thousands kinds of formal authorization well-known brands.

“fashion” opponent is powerful, online gather beauty is superior, bee network etc., offline watsons, guerlain beauty, etc., sales of such a diversity of products, already have considerable visibility and brand awareness. Offline stores such as Watson also has developed an online mall, these have been walk in front of “fashion”. For “fashion”, let the online and offline better integration, improve the customer experience and customer service is subject to the direction of the efforts.

Sun Yu believes that in the past ten years is a process of many brands to network; After ten years, it is a lot of network brand going offline. Hunters cloud network, according to the current “fashion” has not been financing, plan new three board in 2016.