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the shells GA1 acoustics on the raised platform obtain 183924 yuan after the good result, nut shell electron continue 56-point thrashing, nut shell GP2 acoustics. Unlike GA1 portability, GP2 main household company, target market after 80.

shells electronic seems to find the direction in the field of intelligent sound, launched two product in such a short time, the momentum is fierce. So the GP2 sound called household company “embodied in where? After why aim for 80? Hunting cloud network got new shells WiFi acoustics, the first (tuo) a (le) (liang) (zhou) for everyone to do a simple evaluation.

— the outside, from the perspective of the most intuitive GP2 volume is much bigger than the previous generation, there are 2 kg weight. For such a big sound can only be used in indoor, is considered for household. Look from the box, the product has 3 kinds of color, this kind of color is pure black. Using trapezoidal shape design, line is fluent, both the loudspeaker meshes with package, there are two pieces of a larger at the bottom of the mat, side plastic material feels very comfortable.

the instructions on the GP2 size is 414 mm * 132 mm * 132 mm, hunting cloud network after measurement confirmed that the size information and correct (as to why measure, has explained in detail later). GP2 overall feeling giving a person is concise and easy, with three buttons at the top power button, volume +, volume -. Button is Jane function but it is very rich, every button click, double-click, long press have different functions. And power interface, TF card socket, USB interface, AUX IN interface and the WPS button on the bottom of the back.

is alexandrine generation, GP2 also need exclusive App GEAK Audio to connect. Network mode, there are three ways in hunting cloud network seems to be the most simple model is set up by an App. Here need to remind, the instructions on the qr code can’t use WeChat to scan, otherwise it is a blank page. You can use the browser’s sweeping yards or in micro believe aboard the public to download. After the connection is successful local songs or music provided by the App. GEAK Audio provide mass music resources, including music songs, news radio, Audio story and a variety of columns. A large number of audio resources are prepared for household, imagine all right listen to guo degang crosstalk in the home, also can yet be regarded as a good way of leisure.

GP2 chamber volume, sheet thickness and density of the internal structure are made to upgrade, has better resonance resistance, low frequency output. Another GP2 adopted independent and separate CPU power supply module, guarantee the quality of sound quality. Hunting cloud network to test with universal “ferry” audition repertoire, heavy bass effect is good, clear vocals and exquisite. Otherwise mediocre, but for the standard price of 699 yuan, has a very high cost performance.

here are poking fun at the time. Hunting cloud network in check related data, it found that website data size is 236 mm * 508 mm * 508 mm, and manual data for 414 mm * 132 mm * 132 mm, after the latter’s data is correct, but the instructions also have an obvious error, it marked the machine weight is 3.6 g.


how such a large machine is 3.6 g to you to tell me.

in addition, GEAK Audio App page only GA1 of teaching. May be the reason for the product did not officially launched, can consider to connect different types of audio classification.

overall, nut shell GP2 acoustics for household company, as well as 80 after the market positioning is very accurate. 699 yuan price doesn’t fit, compared with some international brand excessive pricing, GP2 conforms to the Chinese public. Appearance is concise and easy, a classic radio a feeling in the home, also won’t reduce the force. Shells electronic statement intelligent audio products to return to nature, GP2 has solid step on the “return to nature”, the future development can continue + contracted style restoring ancient ways, and into the market from the smart home really achieve “return to nature”.

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