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in a city life long, and lose the curiosity, a person for a long time, like curtilage in the home, the city is a lack of attention, as time passes, life attitude began to grow on. Noon Hou, it is an App for life will not through exploration, discovery, for users to recommend the city a good place for social platform, build sharing communication way of life.

with the improvement of consumption level, after 80, 80 after spending habits, consumption patterns are changed, the user is paid more attention to the pursuit of quality. Noon Hou want to do is focus found life quality, recommended “high pretend bility” place to build local life circle, building the youth’s survival guide, lead consumer depth experience leading fashion lifestyle in the city, and in this way of life.

afternoon Hou android version of the App launch in mid-june, the iOS version will be launched in the near future. User login, after lunch Hou can search to a good place for local beer and skittles, can consult, according to the interest in food, coffee, bar, shopping, etc; Choose disorder, do not know where, only according to the popular recommended choice, there is good; For the lazy carcinoma, click around nearby, you can check the nearest place to visit. In addition, users can also take photos to share the quality of life, checkins footprint of consumption, meet the life around. The

it is worth mentioning that “life is not on” is lunch Hou way of life, so the afternoon Hou recommended stores are “high pretend bility” good shop. Platform will only responsible for everyone together, and specific offline activities, is a professional team, businesses and community organizations. Noon Hou merchants, introduced a “consumer I pay you” program, the user can according to the sixth Hou recommended shop, apply to the life experience in the team, free experience after collecting material writing experience report upload after checking by the platform. Of course, the user can also recommend to platform choose feel the quality of the shop. All in all, from online to offline to some extent to ensure the user’s experience and participation.

founder old ha tell hunting cloud network: “this project has produced more than a year in my heart, because the nanchang belongs to three cities, people’s thinking, capital, resources and other Internet is hard to compare with 3, the team’s form also experienced many twists and turns.” At present, the sixth Hou team a total of nine people, three co-founder in the field of local life, nearly 8 years of work experience.

the old said: “the noon Hou team to focus on two things: one is to find a good shop, the second is to build the platform let everybody experience and in this way.” The next stage, noon Hou can focus on the social development. Join subject interactive section, for example, users can around a common topic to discuss, strengthen the interaction between the user; Female users can release wish list, by male users or merchants to help its implementation. In addition, the sixth Hou team also plans to App user feedback content, data sorting, edit a lifestyle magazine, let the user see the magazine, can find the city “high force” store. Team focus on product and content optimization, the first year in nanchang for test, then the service will be available to other cities.

competing goods, hunting before cloud network focus on the “marriage”, is also a focus on the recommended the life of the App, including beer and skittles, painting and calligraphy, the tea ceremony, flower art, hand made custom all sorts of life fun, such as through recommendation allows users to find a more comfortable and comfortable place to literature and art. Lives, by contrast, focus on the recommendation of literature and art venues, light social; And noon Hou can two-way recommended, and has a social function.

overall, noon Hou is to want to build a bridge, a consumption habits and build user model, together with consumer cashability group, the high quality of the user guide to high quality businesses, its core is to give businesses the diversion, revenue model similar to general comments, where to go.

it is understood that the current sixth Hou angel round is underway.