editor’s note: still racking their brains to find a way to look for the vc? We must think about how to self-reliance, earn a place in the circle of science and technology! The six startup without obtaining the VCS, so popular in science and technology circles. And for those who take refuge in the vc to “survive” even lose control of company development, financing as oneself to walk the path you want to!

many experts have said the vc is actually a very nasty things, so they tend to suggest a start-up company or enterprise to don’t go to seek the aid of vc. Although outside financing for the company development is, indeed, there is a big help, but sometimes the vc will appear problem, and even counter-productive. When investors become your startup of the board of directors, as the founder of you will lose of control of the company, even though you to raise vc took great heart.

when some investors will be on board, they might even rejected your proposal “in order to complete the company interests”. A bad venture will you try to have greatly hindered effect on the road of innovation, this is mainly because the risk investors can’t afford new attempt due to the economic consequences of the error, they care about is whether companies can bring him high returns.

the world has many good startup by a lot of money to help build up wind, in which there are a lot of companies and companies that own financing as climbed the peak of science. It is estimated that 84% of high growth companies are not built by vc (from 1997 to 2007, the United States before 900 only 144 companies in the rapid growth of the company adopted the vc). There was a time when the VCS narrowly is a household name, many companies have no wind, on the basis of investment in gold, relying on their own efforts among the millions of income level, this is really commendable.

the following to introduce the six self-reliance start-ups.

1. Basecamp (project management software based on cloud services, is famous for simple and easy to use and disruptive innovation)

Basecamp is a household name. The web design company was founded in 1999 by former 37 signals company, this is a privately held company network applications. 37 signals in 2004 launched Basecamp this kind of project management application, and then started to change into a software company. When Basecamp web design had won in 2005 profit more than income, it also illustrates the company’s enterprise transition smoothly finished. At present, the Basecamp has 15 million users, with its branch company has in 26 cities around the world.

2. Zoho, committed to the research of online office, is the world’s largest online software providers)

Zoho is an Indian company, at present it has become India’s entrepreneurs entrepreneurship model. Zoho founded in chennai, it for all types of enterprises and efficient online office, communication, collaboration, and business applications software system provides a set of office. Zoho has more than 1300 users, its efficient online office and communication applications, including E-mail, file management, office suit, project management, and other series of business applications, including customer relationship management system, activity management, and customer support, etc.

Zoho’s headquarters in the United States, but it also in London, Tokyo and Beijing have offices and chennai. Zoho currently has about 2500 employees in the company.

3. Shutterstock (a famous image trading site, many photographers to sell their works on it)

Shutterstock is a big start-up companies in the media world. It for enterprises, marketing agency and media organizations from all over the world provide the license to use the high quality of photos, illustrations, vector graphics, video and music material. Shutterstock work with more than seventy thousand contributors, the number of partners is also rising. Tens of thousands of pictures uploaded to Shutterstock every week, now the site has fifty million high quality images and two million video clips.

Shutterstock based in New York, it is in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles, Montreal, Paris and San Francisco are set up offices. Its user distribution in more than 150 cities around the world. Shutterstock’s also has a Bigstock, this is a picture of a value stock market; Offset, this is a high quality picture collect market; PremiumBeat, this is a high quality and royalty-free music collection; Rex Features, this is the world’s media circles the main source of image editing; Skillfeed, this is an online study market; In addition to WevDAM, this is for the enterprise to provide a digital asset management services based on cloud services.

4. Esri (geographic information system platform of the world’s leading software and service provider)

Esri’s full name is the United States institute of environmental system, a geographic information system software, web GIS and international suppliers of geographical database management applications. Esri’s headquarters is located in California, occupies more than 40% of the global GIS market. The company with ten different areas of offices in the United States, has 80 international distributors worldwide, with one million users in 200 countries. Esiri employees a total of 3000 in the United States, still be the founder of private management. Esri every year from 300000 users in revenue to $1.2 billion.

5. WooThemes (design and development of the top business WordPress theme, is recognized as WordPress theme innovator and leader)

WooThemes, founded in 2008, this is a have many designers, developers, the international team of customer service and marketing personnel. They try to meet hundreds of thousands of and the number is growing needs of users. WooThemes can provide users with a variety of themes and plugins to let them get more WordPress experience, including a very powerful shopping cart e-commerce WooCommerce plugin, this plugin allows businesses and take control of all of the developers. (hunting cloud network note: WordPress is a blogging platform, using PHP language development, user can support PHP and MySQL database server, set up their own web site.)

25% share of WooCommerce has 600000 online merchants. To their credit, this App has downloaded seven million times so far, 19 cities around the world have served more than 55 employees.

6. Campaign Monitor (has more than 10 years history of email marketing)

in 2004, Ben? Richardson (Ben Richardson) and Dave? Gretna (David Greiner) in their final year at the university of created Campaign Monitor, the company was originally a web design company. With the passage of time and the development of enterprises, more and more customers began to offer to Campaign Monitor to be responsible for the management of their website and email marketing. At the same time, a Campaign Monitor E-mail ads, launched its software services.

today, more than 120000 designers, advertising agencies and various types of enterprises in the use of Campaign Monitor their email marketing management. Once a week, the Campaign Monitor attracted more than 5000 new customers, and their customer number is growing. At present, the company has 117 employees, 120000 paying customers. A month, the Campaign Monitor sends more than 1 billion e-mails.


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