(text/Liu Sijing)

is one of the important transition period, the securities industry in recent years recently, 10 ministries jointly issued the “about promoting the healthy development of the Internet financial guidance”, Internet financial regulatory system is gradually forming. Under the potential market and policy, niuniu can treasure in the field of the Internet with their own one day?

niu bao is rich Thai fund the development of a micro via private product between traders and investors’ Internet asset management platform. The product is launched in March this year. Online so far, the platform with a total of 30 prepared dish. Early traders for platform directional invited, “this is done to ensure the professionalism of the platform, but after we plan to open operations application channels, but will have certain system audit process.” Niuniu’s founder Stanley said.

traders from come to reap the benefits required to pass through five steps:

Application for plate hand

1. The provision of personal data by means of contain personal id, nearly three years past performance, profit model, risk control strategy, past account registration etc.

2. After approving by niuniu treasure system, choose platform micro private products (fixed income, fixed + floating earnings, pure floating income).

3. Sign a service agreement with platform.

4. Release the product for investors to choose.

5. Operating accounts, expired distribution of profits.

at present, there are about 3000 investors real-name registration on the platform. Investors after registration, niuniu treasure for investors to do risk assessment, and through to operate. After see dish of hand release products, a key investment.

view in financial markets, niuniu’s founding team found rights products have very big development space, and a serious imbalance between investors and plate hand proportion, plate and uneven levels of hand. Stanley convective cloud network said: “we want to solve the problem of the imbalance phenomenon, and in the process of product development, in view of the traditional traders investment contacts circle of non-renewable resources, take to establish trust relationship with investors and other problems have also been solved.”

about information security, Stanley said niu bao adopted international security giant symantec security solutions provided by the company, has a perfect safety monitoring system, can discover the site of the exception and respond in a timely manner. Without his consent, not to any third party companies, organizations and individuals to disclose personal information, account information and transaction information.

competing goods, such as “is a” third party financial P2P platform, the Internet connection with information needs of investors and ordinary investors, has got the plum flower angel investment venture capital of 5 million yuan. Stanley said, unlike rivals, niuniu treasure will provide traders on the platform of personal information, results display, product release and investors purchase channels. Platform of fiduciary custody investors invest capital account and securities account, and carries on the management control the use of traders, and niuniu baohui trustee according to control the risk investors and traders contract. In respect of information service, niuniu treasure for investors and traders to provide basic personal information management, account management, key information push service and value-added news subscription service.

niuniu treasure by getting the middle management fees, traders trading strategies pay check to profit, the future will also continue to optimize and obtain benefits in terms of the two.

the next stage, niuniu treasure App plan launched in September, and signing more hands, achieve 300 in two years.

founder Stanley is the world’s largest law firm dacheng (Dentons) senior partner, lead the team to achieve multiple large-scale mergers and acquisitions projects. Co-founder xiao-wu li form operating private equity investment funds, securities investment field for 13 years. Co-founder Wu Xing has 20 years experience in the securities industry. Co-founder xiao Ming doesn responsible for group Internet product design and development. Platform by Banks, securities, fund risk control team of senior professionals, the existing team members to 30 people.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, niuniu treasure angel round by founding team since the vote, A round of funding plans are in the pipeline.