manage more than one correct way to run a business. So are many types of entrepreneur’s style.

although every business the company’s goal and culture is different, but we think behind these startup entrepreneurs are more or less exist in common, we will they divided into nine type has the characteristics of the entrepreneur. When it comes to the nine types, you will find a representative for each type.

so, let us together look at the specific characteristics of each types of entrepreneurs:

wet behind not deep novice

keywords: young, fearless, lack of experience

he (she) may have just walked out of the university school, full of expectation for the future. Once frustrated, some will shrink, while others will be grasped the nettle eventually gain valuable experience.

visionary pioneer

keywords: bold, shrewd, vision

they decided to solve the worldwide problem, has dedicated his life. Their products and deep, always give priority to your customers. Their company rich deep enterprise culture, in order to complete the seemingly impossible goal for ultimate vision.

reckless adventurers

keywords: bold, bright, blunt

they and visionary is similar to the Portland trail blazers, but their ideas sometimes too avant-garde innovation that nobody understood. They are ready to accept any challenge, shi don’t give up to reach the goal.


keywords: money, focus on narrow

this type of entrepreneurs only care about one thing: whether can be acquired. Because money is their only motivation and purpose, and they are very easy to ignore the customer.

energetic planner

keywords: action first

they think the action is more convincing than words. Each points every second of their vision in action to explain enterprise future development.

junk visionary entrepreneur

keywords: conceit, selfishness,

this kind of entrepreneur is only become entrepreneurs because they enjoy the feeling of when an entrepreneur. Deep down, they know it completely to be an entrepreneur, but is reluctant to discard the entrepreneur aura.

of words and not of deeds is like a great talkers

keywords: gushing, selfishness, big load of

dream specious entrepreneur’s updated version, what type of entrepreneurs often become this amplifier. Convincing entrepreneurs often have long like this, if really have the fledgling novice entrepreneurs take their advice, it’ll be up shit creek.

“thousand” entrepreneurs

The versatile


they usually runs several companies at the same time. They almost 24 hours in a crazy busy, but spent on each business time is very limited. Professional body is much is their characteristics and their keen to pursue.

silicon valley entrepreneur

keywords: master of business (but may be misguided)

even in Asia, you can find an entrepreneur silicon valley style. One of the outstanding person can be keenly observed the popular trend of silicon valley, and successful business in Asia. Others constantly complain about the Asian business environment conditions of various factors such as silicon valley, ideal results.


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