in baidu news and geek park sponsored by the “new flight times BBS” in the first half ended, Go Fast with the title of “China’s first fly for 15 seconds, the scene of thousands of people cheering didn’t cover that sobering as a lawn mower. 15 seconds, by the way, contain the countdown link in 5 seconds, so the audience can not help but sigh, including hunting cloud network “pants didn’t finish off is over”.

, a brief introduction of the jetpack

Jetpack International, the founder and CEO of Troy Widgery introduction: “weighs 125 pounds and 125 horsepower, the use of 25 seconds time, flight distance is horizontal or vertical 50 meters, 400 meters before it consumes fuel must be born again. In addition, you also need to take two years time to study, and the pilot must have a lot of skills. Spent about $1 million, finally have a jetpack like Go Fast.”

SO, difficult and costly jetpack is not durable, also can complete knock on the task of “new flight gate”. So, again communication, cloud network hunting after similar product introduced “Martin jet flight package”, also is not cheap, reportedly can listed by the end of next year, and seems more pleasing to the eye,

today’s new flight times BBS, in addition to Go Fast jetpack, nature is little not nowadays most hottest fire drones, hunting cloud network belt you once understand the “big” innovation, science and technology of “zero”, “Parrot” three drones, to look after the jetpack is entering a new state of the latest development of flight time of it.

big innovation of xinjiang Pan Nong Philippines President “unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) bring infinite possibility”

Pan Nong Philippines think unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is the daily work and life from a 2 d world extended to 3 d intelligent vehicle and intelligent node of the world, it should not be limited to the scientific research colleges and universities scientific research institutions and large companies, but should be a real job. Pan Nong fe of the future of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in networking and cluster, so big xinjiang through a series of release, build a complete open platform, through constructing the open platform, more industry partners and individual developers use a more big platform of xinjiang to complete the project research and development and product research.

make unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) into a think tank, a red sea, and is combined with the industry to make more innovation? We can see big constructing innovation chose the latter. Such as the scene is demonstrates the combination of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and virtual reality goggles, you can use your own flying in the air to describe that feeling.

zero CEO al “achievements of the past and the future ideal”

is from the space concept of zero, zero represents our unremitting pursuit of product, zero error, zero fault, zero tolerance. When the earthquake occurred in yushu freezing technology with a fixed aerial drones to complete the first the figure. Diaoyu island were, are, and the core of the aerial view flight control is also from the zero technology, range of close to 2000 km.

in the zero safety science and technology combined with the actual application to launch a twin flying system, when the sensor faults, through two sensor fusion can be normal work results. When the vehicle is abnormal, such as lack of motivation or batteries burned, zero technology made a security umbrella. Through feature extraction and target recognition, active tracking of target objects Follow the snap “Follow” system. In addition, freezing technology is able to escape by scanning the surrounding environment.

Parrot company CMO Nicolas Halftermeyer

it is a climax, Parrot company start for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) array dance performances. Function is no need to do, talk about sales data. Introduce according to Nicolas Halftermeyer Parrot company five years sold a total of 1.5 million uavs, including Mini type and large. The future will provide a full range of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for professionals, agriculture, surveying and mapping, outdoor filming can be used to, with 12 areas.

the future unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), we need to jointly respond to these challenges, the first challenge is the reliability of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), we hope these drones are becoming more and more good, like aviation aircraft has greater reliability. Mini unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) now we want to reduce their weight is lower and lower weight, more security, hope to improve the stability of the vehicle image, and uavs hope more and more intelligent, can fly autonomously and work station programming, and everyone’s cell phone, more calculated, but also hope the drones and 4 g cloud connection, so that we can provide real-time information to you, let us know where they are.


there was a funny links, big jiang innovation introduce the usage scenarios of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a strong insert hard wide, said the future of the sky in addition to the fog will also see baidu takeout, and it is by baidu take-away meals member of driving vehicle to complete the delivery. Despite the jetpack, cut into the individual aircraft is feasible by the existing drones, even possible, still need to face any problem. From the above three drones on “tracking and obstacle avoidance, self-help” can be seen that the expression of short board up, though not be perfect, but at least in the gradual progress, gradually perfect.

in the end, cloud network hunting here cannot give comments to solve the problem, analysis,’d like to share two of hayao miyazaki animation film “sky city”, “valley of the wind”. May be in the valley of the wind “aircraft flying would be a” new era “of can draw lessons from the prototype of the solar technology, introduced again, maybe will be worth in the short term to overcome technical barriers, hunting cloud network with you looking forward to the real” new age “flight.

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