millet looking is released, the router yesterday “crafts” three words let reached a frenzied 6 TB hard disk, the price was 2999 yuan, is the price of the “emperor” android machine. Today, 360 two years ago, when the first router lesson, to keep the price down to $59, unmitigated madness is crude abuse “rough” in sales, or compete for the title of “cost-effective”?

360 chairman Zhou Hongyi the slightest not afraid because once a failure of the product was a joke, but profoundly reflect the loss of the first generation product: two years ago, “if it was in wartime, would have a product manager getting several times” argument seems to have put the blame on the designer to give yourself the steps, of course, these are not important, to see if he summed up the failure of the three reasons.

1. The level is too low in appearance, as pebbles guy how see how like soap box. I heard that how to feel bad for some disorderly into again?

2. The signal is not good, built-in antenna, small white knows better antenna signal, at least at the in the mind also comfortable. Jokes’s hand was born Zhou Hongyi pronounced to do a “chrysanthemum” routers, push the atmosphere to a climax. In addition, the display lamp, it is only one and it is breathing lamp, Zhou Hongyi 7, 8, like a lamp, it is best to colorful, a square dance both visual sense.

3. The price is too high, because of too much additional design, has 2, 3 and the results showed their own employees, they are also being 50 RMB valuation are given.

well, 360, today released its latest router: three consecutive 360 security routing mini $59, 360 security routing 5 g to sell 139 yuan, 360 security routing P1 dazzle colour series.

360 security routing mini high-gain antenna equipped with 2 root, 300 m wireless transmission rate, carrying the router 360 OS operating system, hardware acme contracted, can achieve a simple configuration and remote access to the Internet by mobile phone APP management. High-end aluminum body slim design is zhou smiled that product “cross-border copied the apple notebook”, at least prove the appearance level are ok.

360 security routing 5 G USES 802.11 ac agreement, support 2.4 G and 5 G two frequencies, the wireless transmission rate is as high as 1167 m.

by four unique U shape will high-gain PCB antenna array configuration, “said good shape of chrysanthemum router?” 2.4 G and 5 G each two frequency distribution of two single frequency microstrip antenna, and equipped with independent signal amplifier and enhance the capacity of the LNA reception, signal transmission distance of 42%. In addition, 360 security routing 5 g also supports USB memory expansion, for the product function and storage space.

360 security routing dazzle colour series is the recent sales break one million 360 security routing P1 derived on the basis of dazzle colour series, a total of released the glacier silver, champagne gold, deep grey, sky blue, lake blue, violet, cherry powder the charm of seven colors. P1 will dazzle colour series in 618 on the same day in jingdong starting, accept reservation from now on,. Seems that point in time is the day of great promote taobao, jingdong year, could be more favorable, you pack mail, the price is so low, can’t think out.

zhou is a great god phone at the last opportunity propaganda, joked that put the price down to 399 yuan are preheated to today’s conference. Lao zhou, also, has made a great god price down to 399 yuan, is said to be selling a losing two money, it’s rough abuse “rough” or “cost-effective”?

zhou said 360 and don’t want to rely on hardware to make money, this is happy depending on the thinking of “hardware, free service fee”. So can a basic rule out the possibility of crude excessive “rough”, after all, poor quality, sales, service is only a joke. So single VS2999 from 59 yuan yuan’s cost, the scale of 1:50, what do you think all feel function under the same conditions, the hard disk to the 6 TB, or even 10 TB, feel disadvantaged wow. Don’t talk about price, millet is determined to put the router’s core position in smart home, on top of the reserved enough with the rest of my life for this space?

but, in the last 360 also announced to intelligent router open platform as the core of intelligent household, what is 360 pattern Tucson, or millet “paint the lily”? “Narrow” road meet, this is just the beginning.

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