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recently, picture social App “Emo” founder frank told cloud network exclusive hunting, Emo for completion by the end of last year, millions of angel rounds of financing, investors for the perilous peak huaxing (K2VC).

Emo is a social App, a real-time image for young people to share life message is a kind of pressure, confident attitude to take. Through the efforts of the team four months, “Emo” version of the ios and Android version is launched in May this year, after two months of the early promotion, right now it has over 100000 users.

society maverick a picture – not to do image processing tool

frank told hunting cloud network, Emo’s purpose is to share photos ever change. In the past, Asian women has been a heavy users of the figure is App and their understanding of beauty is too narrow a single, cause they appreciate yourself is constrained.

is different from other similar images of the social App, Emo will focus on how to protect the young people behind the photos, let them fearless express independent personality, and to explore the variety of experience. Taken in diverse topics, the autodyne is one of the most direct to appreciate yourself, your own way, and in the Emo, you can safely, fully share self-time, different share the beautiful life.

security, a new way of sharing, no CARES want to bask in the sun you

in the Emo only concerned friends can comment on each other to chat, refused to all the language violence of strangers. You can Follow each person at the moment of life, with the focus on each other’s friends on instant say what is happening; At the same time, the Emo protect you from snooping and don’t like it, especially the language violence from strangers. So, in the Emo each man to share the present themselves quickly and fearlessly to express true feelings at the moment.

Emo restrictions from the photo album is a selection of images, can only take the Po, namely rejected all PS, camouflage and pretend to be.

in the same way, so you can see are the real moment, known as lively and confident young man as you. Every day all is happening in Emo secure exchange each other’s story. In addition, under the protection mechanism of the above, Emo also encouraged by back figure, a positive way to express friendship, attract the attention of the other, let two people don’t get to know each other at the instant of the exchange of the instant messaging rapid heating up, always keep in touch.

jagged polymorphism is the source of happiness, Emo, belong to the young man’s friends

frank convective cloud network said, we firmly believe that Less is More, it is Emo safe and new photo-sharing social way, to let every young people under the protection of freedom of expression. Emo to solve is how to be more convenient for pictures at the moment of state, leave more time to discover and create different way of beauty.

from the design of the product it is not hard to see, Emo as pure after 90 team, for interesting fun filled with love, among them, the founder frank for the first baidu post bar product manager, has rich experience in community design and operation.

cloud network hunting, Emo team plans in recently in the pre – A round of funding.