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singaporeans have a workaholic “reputation”, the average Singaporean work about 48 hours a week, in order to build the good impression to work hard for the boss, most of them have to work overtime to very late. The degree of hard work and work performance, however, usually isn’t proportional. Statistics show, the absent-minded employees have caused the country about $6 billion in losses every year, at the same time also caused damage to the physical and mental health of employees. Therefore, finding a balance between life and work is particularly important.

Sure beauty market, the founder of Yang Cheng, one of the ways to keep employees work enthusiasm and energy to their investment opportunities, such as to provide hair styling, nail or spa services, etc. His start-up companies aimed at the Singapore women consumer market, to provide one-stop professional beauty services for them. Sure the initial target population is 24 to 40 professional women, this age people usually work pressure is the largest.

Cheng and his original launched Sure two colleagues together. He says, is his female friends made him realize Sure there will be a large market demand. He told the media that “they often complain about the beauty salon is not suitable for their leisure time, especially on the weekend, a lot of beauty salon is closed to rest.”

alignment with market potential

after some market research, Cheng and his team found that professional women to maintain a good image in Singapore has spent a lot of money and time. However, the biggest problem is that they are hard to find and the surrounding scheduled a satisfaction of beauty salons. “We hope that with the help of our application, after these professional women can reduce the search on the net of queue waiting time and save trouble, let things become more simple and natural.”

this application and a very great function, it not only brings together the beauty salon, and professional beautician personal information. The user can look for specific services such as manicurist in application and hair stylists, schedule an appointment for each beautician. Cheng said the reservation way can make enterprise more efficiently manage traffic, as is often the case in advance of beauty salons time does not mean that at the same time also can make an appointment to the hairdresser. Popular beauty services appointment is very hot, so the user must check schedule an appointment in advance. If the reservation is full, they can still be looking for around other beauty salons.

Cheng said, at present there are about 800000 women in Singapore is Sure the potential customers. However, in addition to help women beauty salon, an appointment Cheng, hope his application can help to more people. Professional beautician customer source depends largely on the hairdresser’s location, if improve the online activity, beautician source of customers will be more extensive.

at present, beautician can be Sure to provide beauty free release information services on the market. The startup plan to get listed and promoting investment sponsor before advanced step increase the application of active users. Sure, so far, the money is still provided by the three founders themselves, but they have to apply for the Singapore JFDI startup accelerator project, then can get a considerable investment.


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