(text/Zhang Yankang)

Internet fragmentation today, moments unique meaningful insight to be recorded? Mixed share uncontrolled flow how to precipitate a personal topic? Full screen mobile application of how to implement the orderly management of chaos data? Pay attention to these side products one of the few things, I’m forest is one of them. it is a person from a fragmented Internet products back to the side things. When asked why call my forest, founder said hu huaqiang, metaphorically speaking, compared each person theme or the content of the target to the fruit, compare people to a tree, so they aggregate into the forest, so call my forest.

I focus on the forest is the user’s “self”, focus on the user side important intimate things. Ta in my forest, affection, love, friendship, the ego is four topics. Under the four topics, can record the personal emotion, photos, video, a paragraph of text, and the records of the visible access is controlled. Of course, you can also add friends, left slip and you can see friends visible to your record. Tibetan features is its unique characteristics, Tibetan can record information on real goods, by scanning real goods, will be able to read the hidden information.

youdao note, impression notes record tool which can realize the topic, but the lack of subject content structure frame and connected to each other. Micro letter, weibo, QQ even can realize the topics to share, it is not something everyone focuses on the theme, and with more friends, to share information will become more and more disorderly, belongs to own share is less and less. In terms of focus on personal interests, baidu post bar, watercress in, but that is the public square, there is some private secret is unable to open. My forest in record, share, interests without them, but integrating records, management, sharing, make the subject content of precipitation is one of its competitive advantage.

huaqiang told hu cloud network hunting, my forest target users are those who have a life of the will of the people, including two kinds of people: one kind is college students and even high school students, they did not face the external pressure of life, has not been working and efficiency, more concerned about themselves; Another kind is already working, partial perceptual knowledge level is higher, they care about family, children, self aware. Actually, I’m forest this kind of product is a public demand for the product, just affected by third party effect, always think they don’t need.

for me the profit pattern of forest, hu huaqiang revealed three directions to hunt cloud network.

store service personality growth direction: similar youdao notes or impression notes, but you don’t charge capacity, will be considered on the safety or backup strategy to provide value-added services.

content or channel service direction : extract theme, seek content and services to meet the needs of users, and business cooperation, in the form of O2O services can be considered.

smart hardware docking services : the hidden function corresponds to the application of image technology to hardware devices and docking services and personal intelligence, such as the theme and the intelligent glasses docking, build a complete application scenario.

team, founder of hu huaqiang is graphics laboratory of zhejiang university master degree. He was in the nation’s largest enterprise data communications equipment H3C working for six years, successively is responsible for the security product line, network storage product line core software architecture design. Then in UC for 2 years, engaged in large data backend infrastructure, architecture the UC the first edition of open platform. Team has two other major members of his former colleague and two UC for Dr. Returned students from the universities and their laboratory part of the students.

at present, the team focused on product research and development, the next version is expected to land the application market in August this year. Financing, the team hopes to get finance from 500 to 10 million, is mainly used for product development and promotion.