note: hunting cloud in recently at the 2015 annual meeting of netease economists summer on the BBS, a venture capitalist wang gongquan revealed for the first time in the theme speech will serve as chief strategy officer (CSO) and several youth entrepreneurship, but did not disclose details.

he said at a public meeting, the youth entrepreneurship team, he may serve as the position of chief strategy officer. According to the investment institutions have to come and talk to them to become a shareholder, investment contract could be signed by 40 million.

investors from Mr. Wang on the current situation is particularly familiar with capital market. He believes that the current risk investment industry since some random condition, so that investors have no more time to do due diligence.

the following records for speech:

this time, I feel touching the new economy entrepreneurs than less contact with traditional enterprise, find me to talk about how to transform the traditional enterprise more.

is that today’s China is in the past years in the course of a work in the economy have never met such a big transformation of power, in this state, everyone will face the choice, you may have said in the current investment in what state, the investment community is in what state, I can frankly, now the whole investment community the, basically condition is a bit of a mess.

could not everyone is so to speak, others to the current situation shows very strong optimistic situation, I’m not pessimistic, but in essence are faced with the problem very much.

we speak in hainan coconut down can hit three managers, now a coconut down can hit three investors.

it’s about time. Everyone doing funds, various forms of fund, a project, entrepreneur if you want to change, immediately pounce on a pile of investors, so that investors have no more time to do due diligence, and some even do very high price, such situations people to bet on new three board, bet on the latest model in the world.

but in general, as in this industry practitioners for many years, I feel overall condition is a little messy, because essentially investment tends to be a common sense, as we all know, all the commercial nature of business, buy – sell, buy, sell, sell high and buy low, if a team to come up for a few hundred million, or even a dozen million, the first risk is very big.

but it does have a few such big winners and successful cases, constantly inspire us, inspire you, let us they put a lot of people as an example, as a model, so that in the tens of thousands of tea, coffee shop, hotel lobbies, and even the lake on a bench, everyone is talking about jack ma, alibaba are talking about, talking about his own entrepreneurial dreams.

but overall, business is often to essentially according to common sense to do it, from an investment perspective, in general I will against the wind, or to see whether the company fundamentals, the team itself, this is I have been stressed, can we during the period of CDH investment funds, the whole style of CDH is relatively stable, such a working environment influences our own personality, so we will be relatively steady in the investment.

recently, I actually facing very serious personal choice, I have been doing risk investment, so that some funds I hope I can cooperate, also have a variety of angel, hoping to promote the work in an incubator with them.

but recently I planning a project with several startups youth, now see, I was compelled to start a business together, probably is likely to be such a situation, I think, I did not think of this transformation, I used to thoroughly exit the business field, residual energy completely threw themselves into public welfare undertakings, a bit not pay attention to, finally made a mistake, from where and where I go, officials hope, or back to the shopping mall investment make money honestly.

I think, if possible, along with their youth and started a new business process, for me, is it possible?

I’m really confused, the original investment in my experience, I’ve played this privately, after 45 years of age or older, and claims to be “famous”, “success”, and now I probably some youth together, to start a business, this experience to think of it a little bit nervous, a little excited and a little confused, why? Is also a spring pushes us forward, the government calls on us national entrepreneurship and innovation.

is not a simple from the employment point of view to consider, there are such factors in, but still important issues facing China today the pattern of the whole, China’s industry fast development today, is under the global economic pattern, the Chinese government has made such a strategic considerations, in this spring, has never been so exciting as it is today.

so many people into entrepreneurship, never nation so fast speed, high frequency constant introduced various policies conducive to the development of entrepreneurship, for small micro enterprise, such a big background, is likely to be my last will and involved in such a trend, along with youth entrepreneurship.

but I am more self-knowledge, I said, if entrepreneurship, chairman of the board of directors, general manager, you do you do what I do? Inappropriate level low, high level the effect again afraid his youth the spirit of innovation, I said that I make a chief strategy officer.

I don’t know, now we are talking about, but also had an agency will come and talk to our investment, maybe recently, may be signed investment will likely formed in 40 million, such a situation I am a little confused, also a little nervous, don’t under this spring and I like to start on the path of entrepreneurship? I made more than 20 years of investment, but the way in my age can?

I will lag behind, thought will not conservative, I also want to this thing, are you want to, today, you have no choice, almost like a flood tide, investors, entrepreneurs, is completely the tide carrying forward, everybody at the end of the day which can be the field, which is able to invest in the field of, I most afraid to answer this question.

so along while, everyone say dry dry, I express my confusion, I didn’t tell you what area can invest, where entrepreneurship is best, because is indeed a time change so fast.

I’m thinking, if I can have some new experience, in the process or if in the process, I can not get rid of this era, maybe I’ll really with several young people with scores and entrepreneurship may be able to live up to this day and age, maybe just is a new challenge for me, you will say, what did you do the original investment is not?

so many friends in risk investment, everyone think you are qualified for do it, I feel life is such mishaps, the process of ups and downs, there are a lot of uncertainty about future things, always can grasp and adjust now, what’s more, the tide of make I have a lot of place, and I also have my happiness, my dream, I just think, I’m such a consideration, probably many other business to think so.

this the entrepreneurs choose is what I want, I must choose a oneself to like, I want to do, I this sentence for many entrepreneurs, if translated, in the words of feng lun, is to “the pursuit of ideal, by the way to earn money.

everyone will say, you this is too general, the so-called “the pursuit of the ideal” is actually refers to the fact that you really want to do, it is you want to spend the energy to do things, very seriously want to do, want to unremitting efforts, overcome all difficulties to do, it is your ideal.

we dare not speak great ideal, now more dare not to “look up at the starry sky”, the ideal and the starry sky, basic it is our party, finished the top-level design, maybe make a mistake, we can think of, you can provide people with what kind of products, to provide what kind of service, it embodies a kind of what kind of you.

specific point may be easy to say, but I just met a girl entrepreneurs, back from overseas, she said to me, miss wang, I have a dream, now I have to do is this, she said, I think, in this world is the most beautiful flowers, I especially like the flowers, I think this is the most beautiful woman in the world, or image, beautiful, or a beautiful mind, in a nutshell, beautiful than men.

she said, I want to put the two beautiful things together, one of my dream is to let more women, whether it be clothing, headwear, in every way, let the women have more flowers. She said that I was such an idea, and the female spend more together, I was thinking, how to put all kinds of flowers in a variety of ways, headwear, clothing, apparel to women?

she said, I am such a thought, I would have been for this hard life, she said I think it’s very good. This is her ideal, that is, feng lun said the pursuit of ideals, she didn’t consider me this model to earn money not to earn money.

but because she kept moving forward, you can think of, she can do a lot of design, how to put on a garment, as far as possible more flowers, but is beautiful, not vulgar, accumulation is not let a person feel very uncomfortable, and then in each aspect, how to let a girl very elegant, very culture, right in his own clothing, shoes, reflect more headdress flower, she did a lot of design in this aspect, and costume design, small tire chains, are doing, I think it is very good, it’s belong to adhere to the ideal, the way to make money. Make money not to make money, she says, I don’t know, I hope to make money, but my goal is to make women have more flowers, she thinks it is a very happy thing, I think this is good.

come back to the business I just think, domestic travel I go many places in the past, a lot of five-star hotel, luxury hotels, a headache, let me live in the past we invest, is often different hotel running around, sometimes in the morning on the toilet, direction is wrong, because yesterday in another hotel, came out from the toilet, after the last thought, this is which city.

I want to do a lot of investment will have the same experience, so that some hotels hate, such a tour, running around, really hate, I always want to be able to live in some beautiful places, and appreciate what is culture, enjoy leisure, very meaningful things, this has been my personal idea.

I think a lot of people, so many Chinese middle classes and entrepreneurs don’t constantly being called into a rich, if possible, had better be in take out a little bit more time in your life, a little bit more of pawnage, a little bit more of the culture, the pursuit of something.

I want to have this idea, so I could be with my friends, a few young people, to start a journey, to introduce our products and our service, I also don’t know this experience what it means to me, I don’t care if such a process success or what must be must be.

but I think such a process could make me better, more in-depth experience this day and age, experience of his own life at the same time, also can take a look at what is in such an age of transition and youth bloom, together to achieve our dreams.