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“why want to do wear a Sir, I saw the market opportunity, myself is very interested in, to the clothing has self-study courses related to clothing, photo studio, the accumulation of this project is for a long time, and are willing to pour a lot.” Chen’s founder told hunting cloud network. Chen’s, once the network shopping platform of optimal set of goods editor, is also a level twenty million users of electricity APP core members of the project. He loves fashion and trend, therefore had “wear” Mr. Other team members is a senior editor liu wei clothing, to be responsible for guiding Ryan, SHE and other big-name artists of fashion photography, as well as from huawei, Siemens senior clothing platform technical architect Deng Xuelai, team at present is mainly composed of 10 people.

why do now trend of men’s match? In Chen’s point of view, now is a good time to do men’s clothing. With the advent of the era of post – 90, more and more people like online shopping. Gay community to detonate “pink” economy, men’s wear brand, New York fashion returning just at a men’s conference, marked the ripe for men’s wear industry. And starting from the trend of men’s, on the one hand, because of their own familiar with, on the other hand is because the trend of men’s as high-frequency consumption, in the era of online shopping popular better prospects for development. Mr Outfit the positioning of the first high consumption frequency for 18 to 30 at the heart of the people, and gradually to the other direction.

Chen’s users, through research do question-and-answer community this conclusion. , he said, “men and women of thinking is different, women like to shop, for men, it is to ask questions, to solve the problem. So electricity business model into is not appropriate.” On zhihu now concern about clothing collocation, is much larger than the men’s wear women’s clothing, undoubtedly confirms this view. The mushroom, street platform won’t go for men to solve what you should buy; The be fond of of people is too complex, fashion design is much more special, artificial combination of big data electricity recommended mode, more difficult to understand the trend of male demand, also is not a good solution. So the men should wear what answer community, is more clever.

after the trend of clothing to solve community online, users for men’s clothing collocation, answer will get a number of people at the same time, in which a user to select the most satisfactory solution. So that you can avoid mechanical single answer style, also can avoid a trendsetter and brand personal cooperation and lead to answer respectively. In this way, the brand is no longer dominated, trend of people will use professional eye undertake collocation according to the different style of each user. Because the clothing is the needs of high frequency, so users don’t have to worry about the questions left. When a website have enough visitors and these users to get into the habit of asking questions, then began to introduce electricity companies.

, introducing a mode of electricity is men’s first editor to recommend different clothing, then consider a sale and so on. At the same time, the introduction of electrical business will also to cooperation shop shop via the status of the free form of drainage, the status of the part of the user is likely to be after in the entity shop to buy. Clothing, according to founder after 90 users online and offline purchase way a ratio of 3:7, due to the large crowd, thirty percent of earnings has enough market. In line to act according to actual circumstances, get the user’s data, so as to integrate. Founder said about the development of the future, first is electric business introduction, in the future have their own brand integration. Beijing is the founder of Chen’s work place for many years, is also suitable for the trend of development of city, said Chen’s channels and media resources, gradually through offline from Beijing.

Chen’s hope that the future development model, is to increase traffic trend community for stores, brands and community to cooperate and get more orders, the trend will be introduced to match to obtain economic benefits, users are more likely to choose to your satisfactory products. Trend community in the future will be involved in the male skin care products, razor, fashion gift box, become one of the entry of the male fashion consumption.

the current team need financing, mainly used to do personnel cost, office cost and promotion.