note: hunting cloud on July 7, legend holdings held “the horizon, self-motivated forward” listing ceremony, invited to many friends at home and abroad to attend. Liu chuanzhi also made a speech at the party, he reviewed 31 years of entrepreneurial comprehension, think this life to life, thanks to the fate of the visit. The following is a speech in full:

friends, brothers and sisters:

today is listed on the legend of the celebration. To so many friends to encourage us, congratulations, there are almost half come from across the country and abroad, the camaraderie let me grateful, repay you.

legend see this listed as towards the vision of a milestone. This is very important for legend, this is our from preparation to sprint the crystallization of the struggle for 15 years. For me personally, is in more than 30 years of enterprise career marks, of course, is also very important.

“forever grateful to the Chinese academy of sciences It is a forward-looking enlightened her mother-in-law “

I myself a piece of cloud is going to rain. Can let me live my life colorful, cause small into a somewhat, I got the fate of the visit is various.

is the first to catch a big time, this is a Chinese history don’t meet the great age of the turning point, in one thousand a world history faced the great age of the breakthrough;

is the second in this era, I chose one of the most suitable for their own career – private entrepreneurs. I was packed into this profession. I am a Chinese academy of sciences, researchers originally, but I firmly calls dean went into business, now I am a President of the joint-stock enterprises. I listen to them no matter in private entrepreneurs team, older or small call me the biggest one eldest brother, the in the mind of the carefree, really hard to describe.

third is lenovo is in a small environment is extremely advantageous.

the sun shines the earth, after all there are divided into north and south. The birthplace of our Beijing zhongguancun is the best fertile soil to develop science and technology enterprises. And our shareholders of the Chinese academy of sciences is a forward-looking enlightened her mother-in-law. With the support of government departments, academy of sciences, wholly owned by 100% in 84, after two holdings, now after 29% of the shares. Go all the way down, it makes entrepreneurs, management, enterprise employees when the master, let host planning the development of the enterprise, with all my heart and soul to share the fruits of their labors. Academy of sciences due to fully arouse the enthusiasm of the people, made a piece of pie, they are, more than one hundred thousand times more than the investment returns.


we will always be grateful to the Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences for the science and technology of China the mechanism reform of property right out of a road, become a shining example! In the process of restructuring, new shareholders group sea zhi-qiang lu Sir To give a strong and effective support. LaoLu and I are friends for many years, and our management colleagues agreed that the introduction of the sea is our luck.

fourth, bring me the biggest fortunately and along the way, I l ‘envoi qianshan mountain, involving water, lenovo’s colleagues, tried in death.

the most difficult moment we spent together, we share together to celebrate the joy of the victory.

“I will give Zhu Lina when assistant”

that year and almost all my business colleague is a group of nerds, we don’t know how to do business, no reference, no precedent, in the face of the planned economy of the red line we should not only alive, to move forward, have ideal, but not ideal, how hard. Today, it seems, association of entrepreneurs is a success, success in the self-serving, we don’t speak good faith, the credibility of a cavity vital qi, the arduous struggle never give up the pursuit of as wealth left by young people, for the later development of lenovo laid a solid foundation.

fruit tree is older, when put on the new gardener planted fruit trees bigger, year after year young people send the fruit to the retired to her home, and they share the joy of harvest.

since 1988, countless young people who have just out of college to join the lenovo team, after countless rocky, throw temper out of the only only one leader. Mr Yang led the lenovo group of the international team on the peak of the PC industry, with a new pursuit to climb higher peak. Guo Weiling digital China team, in the wisdom of the city to ride the waves in the ocean.

Zhu Lina led the legend of the team, this is a team that had light streamers, but new team, new of the road, facing the new field, it is a new business. in 15 years, reach the milestone I be honest with him and the team members, to know each other, learn from each other. his actions, with results got my, shareholders, management and staff for his character and ability. Legend of all staring at him expectantly, hope his holdings to glory! Media give special attention to the problem of my retirement, I will always give Zhu Lina when assistant, until the team is mature, stable performance up, he felt that there is no need to give my salary, I have been to a new life of ease.

as far as I’m concerned, are happy to do things. But while doing things with people, by selecting the running-in, learn from each other, pick out the outstanding talents set the stage for them, let them enjoy, our common cause live on and have the opportunity to make a full of vital qi, trustworthy and respected companies become a one hundred – year – old, is the pursuit of my life. And lenovo colleagues became comrades have wonderful life, is my biggest fate for the care.

“the hope is that China’s scientific and technological innovation of private enterprise”

people in social interaction is a circle, generally is by the industry, according to be fond of points, according to the experience points, and so on.

my own social circle mainly concentrated in private enterprises. I have three corporation circle of friends, one is the China entrepreneur club, one is the zhongguancun entrepreneur advisory committee, and one is mount tai. today I is widely scattered hero post, over the three circle of friends is all to please.

I am leng packed into the circle of private entrepreneurs, I really like this class.

corporation friends here today, more than 80% and I not only intersect, and to know each other. We had hard working, with a foot struggle out of the world. Today, China’s national strength is strong, the international status of ascension, all with the tenacity of private entrepreneurs, diligence and wisdom. Corporation not only made China today’s prosperity, and is the main force of China’s future economic development.

in the future, the government insists to adjust industrial structure, develop the third industry, represented by BAT of the vigorous development of the Internet services, breaking the monopoly industry, led to the public in the situation of all innovation entrepreneurship, whole influenced the Chinese way of life. Ma ringing bells on Wall Street is an important symbol, said the mobile Internet service industry, the highly anticipated big industry, China has one of the world’s leading level.

China science and technology innovation of hope lies in the corporation. we do manufacturing background knows, manufacturing screw out by twist towel water profit, it is necessity, it is struggling. To improve the technology content of products and services, is to have very much. To the important core technology in the field of innovation breakthrough, is to have a large-scale continuous input.

corporation is done before, because of time, money, vision and experience, there will be a process of accumulation. Now, almost over the critical point is coming.

China’s outstanding private entrepreneurs, the pursuit of a fly in your heart, have plenty of money in his hand, and the layout of the eye in the world, in need of a certain can make the world of science and technology innovation, including innovation of basic science.

may the government has not yet been put into its formal planning the corporation’s power, and the power of reform and opening up, the power of the market economy has made the corporation become the main force of the construction of China’s economy.

private entrepreneurs is a hope, prosperous and stable China class. We started with these business people really understand that we are the beneficiaries of reform and opening-up. Only firmly against corruption, the rule of law, following the path of reform and opening up, China has hope, private enterprises can obtain the full development.

history due to this class of private entrepreneurs too short (formerly has fault), so there will be a long phase of the good and bad are intermingled.

now does exist in the entire group to get rich by hook or by crook, not abide by the laws and regulations, get rich quick, not honest, heavy buckle employees wait for a phenomenon, that is the bad money in COINS, there are a few completely on collusion profiteering scum. These good money so we can together. Lift up high the flag of promoting commercial integrity, business integrity, environmental protection, public welfare, in order to make good money out bad money, in order to use action to improve the business environment in China, with actions to improve the international status of China’s corporate world, the most important thing is to use action to shape China’s private enterprises in various fields, the positive image of the eyes of all classes.

“I am not pack circles happy life”

in China entrepreneur club, I have a strong upward force, is the treasure house of multidimensional study I. In zhongguancun entrepreneur group, I feel more warmth is unity, cooperation, on mount tai and the assembly is enjoy the comfortable home.

the three circles have a common characteristic: just don’t pack.

the purpose of the three circle is different, but it was all my voluntary. Common rules, comply with everyone. Together they will come, not to. But who all don’t need to pack, don’t pack.

now young people, and at the back of the little young, the future can bring us the country and the nation, and not only on economy, also rely on their mental outlook. And we did the adult teaching, and said the same thinking, say and do, they see in the eye. If we don’t agree, they will be at a loss to first, follow is despised, followed is just to follow is fragmented.

it is too big.