(text/Tan Ziling)

move once is a college social software based on LBS, its English name is MOVING. “Now a common university campus’ single about flood”, “interactive” and so on, we hope to develop a can let students can widen dating and fun products, “move the founder Song Ye Hui tell hunting cloud network.

Song Ye Hui three times during the university had entrepreneurial experience, is the school’s three nets (telecom, unicom, mobile) general agent. Before move the co-founder li fang in market network, the work of the architect is another co-founder Christian liu, worked in sina.

move the mainly include circle, surrounding, life center, activity center, game five of these plates. Through the circle and the surrounding, the user can view the students, alumni and friends of dynamic, when users reach around the school at the same time, also can according to the built-in location-based mobile positioning check school dynamic information.

life center can meet the demand such as order, part-time students information, express delivery, merchants can also be in into the public, convenience and interaction with the exchange of students at any time; Activity center to like-minded people together communication, the user can launch event, mutually invite other users to attend together. In addition, the school community can move the launch event information.

“college students in the campus, don’t understand after entering society, the pressure of a general state of confusion,” into “just want to let them broad social, broad participation, in practice exercise, improve yourself, have a clear target for future work,” Song Ye Hui said.

to move the team was launched in January 2015 the first Demo, in May operate in jiangnan university, the school, 23000 registered users during trial operation of more than 40%, average daily rate at about 66%. Team plans in September this year in jiangsu promotion products, covering target for more than 100 colleges and universities.

college students as a group being active, the pursuit of fashion, they are happy to accept new things, on the application software with ease. Social products are aimed at the market, the super curriculum from the curriculum, upload assignments, and other functions to social function, the user can take courses as the core to carry out social activities; Black and white are the main campus social time-sharing, roaming the boundaries between public and private. Overall, the campus social products are based on different design points to create social opportunities for college students, into too, its geographical location as the core for the user to create social opportunity, through activities, games and services for college students to provide communication practice platform.

on the business model, to move the team is to get the user to push through form, covered in colleges and universities will be set operations teams, each team according to the content of the school features personalized products. Song Ye Hui said developing in the future, the team will be in the tone of the whole product culture make more content, in order to build the campus social ecosystem health is energy.

in addition, cloud network hunting that team is now officially launched the angel financing plan.