on July 29 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

Win10 officially listed 7/8.1 synchronous free upgrade

Beijing time on July 29, the zero point, Win10 push comprehensive open, Windows 7, doing users from zero today can free upgrade to Win10, users can upgrade the system upgrade, etc way Win10, retail sale on August 30th.

this update with the method of background silence push, system disk will automatically generate “$Windows. ~ BT” hidden folder and download the update package installation, can according to the prompt to complete the update after the download is complete. Update after upgrade is complete, the system will automatically generate the Windows. The old folder, if not satisfied with Win10 or not used Win10 operation experience, can still be back to the old version.

motorcycle release the third generation of Moto X: photo of industry’s top

lenovo’s mobility in the United States, New York, London and Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the same time held a conference, released this year’s new mobile: two and a Moto Moto X G. It is important to note that MOTOROLA announced the X series photo reached the industry leading level.

this is the third generation of Moto X series products, but MOTOROLA has launched the high and low for the first time the Moto X Style of different configuration and Moto X Play two product, all carry the Android 5.1 operating system. MOTOROLA will decide which product to launch according to different market.

MOTOROLA claimed the third generation of Moto X cameras have been enhanced greatly, reach the top level of the industry. Camera after 21 million pixels, large aperture 2.0; Camera before 5 million pixels, equipped with homemade flash.

58 appointed the new senior vice President Responsible for financial and used car business

Issue internal letter

58 city, said, according to the needs of business development, research the company presidents office, appointed He Mingke group, senior vice President, responsible for financial (FBU) and used car (ABU) business, financial department head He Song and used car department head Xu Guipeng report to their work.

Microsoft released android desktop APP

a few days ago, Microsoft has launched a desktop tool based on the android operating system “desktop” (Arrow the Launcher, the android desktop software is another name for “starter”).

the “desktop” is offered three screens, network respectively, the main screen, sticky notes and reminders. Users can’t increase or decrease, while provides a certain amount of personalization, but is very limited. Currently the desktop tool is still in the test period, perhaps Microsoft’s future will be based on user feedback.

drops driving online or extend to more services

although the regulation problem of the car business is still not solved, but drops steps to expand the business scope has not stopped. After the express, hitching a ride, on July 28, announced officially launched drops generation of driving. Drops generation drive adopted a “start at + km fees” billing way, at different times of the fare includes 10 km, after more than 10 kilometers, charge a fixed fee. In Beijing, for example, at 6 o ‘clock in the morning to the evening 22 points, will start at $36, mileage fee is 20 yuan.

for the generation of driving business has just launched, drops fast generation driving division general manager, Mr Fu said drops to do a full scene generation driving, launch a service based on the generation of drivers human scene extension of business, such as the generation of a car wash, a generation of transportation and other services.

TCL formal implementation of share repurchase on cost 40 million yuan

TCL group released a statement, said the company was formally implemented on July 28, share buybacks, through the secondary market to buy 8458400 shares of company shares, accounting for 0.069% of the company’s total equity, the actual cost about 40 million yuan. The company will continue to implement share buybacks, according to the market situation in protecting the interests of all shareholders.

jingdong startup enterprise procurement mode for ali

by B2B scratch ali now step on the road of B2C, but go up jingdong reverse channel, enterprise procurement market. Announced yesterday, jingdong online via “office”, “integral tong”, “le mining expert” three major product, namely, for enterprises in the office, marketing, staff welfare purchasing three aspects: demand for scenario. Jingdong, chief marketing officer, said a former lenovo manager, compared with foreign purchasing electricity proportion is as high as 72% – 72% of the domestic scale of purchasing electricity is only 20% to 20%. Aiming a trillion-dollar procurement market demand, jingdong first pioneering enterprise procurement market, and to its own proprietary business operations, supply chain ability, comprehensive technical service ability to trade more transactional ShangChengChang B2B electricity.”

perfect world today suspended trading on nasdaq

perfect world announcement called privatization of the merger has been completed, listed on the nasdaq stock from now on pause.

Perfect World today announced according to previously released its and Perfect Peony Holding Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “parent Company”) and the Perfect World Merger Company Limited in the Merger agreement signed on April 26, 2015, and plans (hereinafter referred to as the “Merger agreement”) for the Merger is complete. After the completion of the merger, perfect world has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company.

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