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Uber in California was fined $7.3 million

California public utilities commission (CPUC) announced the Uber fines of up to 7.3 million dollars. The commission said, Uber failed to report data barrier-free vehicles to accept orders according to the rules. Uber need to pay the fine within 30 days, otherwise will lose their licenses in California. Uber, said the company will appeal against the verdict, while operating in the appeal period will not be suspended.

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eBay released second-quarter results and split PayPal business

eBay issued as of June 30, the company’s second-quarter earnings in 2015. Results showed that eBay net revenue of $4.4 billion in the second quarter, more than $4.1 billion over the same period last year increased by 7%. EBay published results is the last time the company into PayPal department performance results, eBay and PayPal will today formally split.

$80 qualcomm Microsoft will push Win10 cheap machine

Microsoft will be released in the fourth quarter and qualcomm $80 (close to home very hot “499 yuan” price) of the cheap Windows 10 mobile phones.

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Marshall pushed Android mobile music service

Marshall company to launch a named “London” Android phone, the phone difference is that the phone is mainly designed for the music service.

modular cell phone Fairphone 2 begin to accept reservation

the Netherlands Fairphone company developed modular smartphone Fairphone 2 began to accept reservations. It will be Fairphone launched the first full modular smart phones, so the user can repair itself or upgrade it later.

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48 inches millet millet release TV 2 s

millet company officially released 48 inches TV 2 s 4 k smart TV millet, priced at 2999 yuan, millet TV 2 s home theater version equipped with 6 + 2 speakers Soundbar and aluminium wireless subwoofer, priced at 3999 yuan, on July 28, will open in millet net for the first time to buy.

baidu take-out online drug class section

baidu take-out said in a news release, since early July, baidu take-out online drug class section in succession, including medicine to force, medicine, jewim big pharmacy, people sun medicine online sales platform, such as large pharmacy will have access to the baidu takeout, Beijing as the core of radiation throughout the country.

wave will invest 10 billion yuan in the center of the layout of the cloud

wave in the wave of “cloud” strategy conference announced that will invest 10 billion yuan in the national construction of seven core cloud computing data center, 50 cities cloud computing center, the national center on cloud layout.

major sent investment offerings

major investment success of landing the nyse, opening at $10.41, a rise of 4.1% in the price of $10, with the opening price, major investment value of about $330 million.

appearance level App online artists the raise project Huang xiaoming and cast an angel round

main appearance level economic appearance App online SS public platform, testing the waters artists all the raise, this is the appearance level platform since launched a second independent projects. Huang xiaoming in the name of their participation in angel rounds, even legal contract has not yet been signed, has received millions of RMB.

appearance level is capricious

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