on July 16 (word/land full of red)

samsung releases the Galaxy A8

samsung electronics in Shanghai Galaxy series A new Galaxy A8, 6 gb version for 3199 yuan, the 32 gb version for 3499 yuan, will be in July 17 sale in all channels. And synchronous on-line Galaxy users online community – samsung cover the world community.

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New patents:

samsung mobile phones available to measure body fat

South Korea’s samsung group every year spend a lot of resources to research and development of new technology, has successfully developed the “fat” mobile phone test technology, and to the world intellectual property organization patent application, so that users can use smartphone to weight control in the future.

can only silently looking at weight has been rising, this is not a more disturbing?

Microsoft has compiled version as the final 10240 Windows 10 version

the end of July, Microsoft’s Windows 10 will be officially released and push. Before the news that Microsoft will from four candidate test version, choose one as the final version. According to the latest news, Microsoft has struck 10240 compiled version as the final version.

new apple iPod series

apple released a new generation of iPod touch, Shuffle and Nano digital music player, and new colour collocation, including space grey, silver, gold, pink and blue.

ali announced the formation of music group

alibaba group announced the formation of ali music group, gao as chairman and Song Ke as chief executive. Ali music will focus in the field of music, fully integrated the shrimps, ttpod ali all music business, to provide users with better products and services.

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drops bus today online

drops quickly announced that drops the bus today officially launched operations, the first launch for the Beijing shenzhen city. Launched in the first week for only 1 cent can experience. Now drops in Beijing already have 33 bus route, shenzhen 10 route, and is expected by the end of July to start in Beijing and shenzhen to hundreds of lines.

friends hurry to experience, as long as 1 cent!

Letv release developer program

Letv developers conference, announced the opening Letv Internet and content of ecological, sports ecology, ecological ecological, electric cars, mobile phones and invite developers to join and become Letv ecological partners, sharing Letv 20 billion return on equity.

China mobile’s mi goo company strategy of “mi goo +”

mobile world congress in 2015, Migu culture science and technology co., LTD., officially released “Migu +” one-stop service system, and with and co-sponsored by huayi brothers media group, palm boring technology, CMGE China mobile game four jointly issued strategic cooperation partners.

thunderbolt complete sell thunderbolt look at all the equity deal

thunderbolt announced, has announced the sale of thunderbolt see all equity transactions prior to the completion. Thunderbolt has announced that it will for the price of 130 million yuan will all thunderbolt look at stake to independent third party nest international media co., LTD., Beijing rang.

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