July 30 (word/land full of red)

companies released in the second quarter of 2015 earnings

Facebook net profit of $719 million, down 9% year-on-year. Nintendo’s net profit of $67.2 million. LG electronics net profit of about $195 million, fell 45%. 500 lottery net net loss of about $13.11 million in the second quarter. It is worth mentioning, 500 lottery network management center for the provincial body colour loss reasons decided to temporarily stop to accept online purchase orders.

it seems online purchase the color has to country

companies launch

Google in its app store launched a search advertising services on Google Play. A silent version yahoo Livetext video communication applications. SONY releasing Project Morpheus virtual reality system. Tencent, baidu, wanda build fly every electric business platform will be launched on July 31.

amazon formal Dash button button for shopping products. Nokia OZO virtual reality cameras. PPTV cohesion release PPTV smart TV 55 t, 55 p, 43 p and 4 k set-top box PPBOX 4 k. Meizu release spirit’s blue 2 smart phones. Zte released power 3 smartphone.

it seems yesterday released a new good day

more companies announced cooperation

alibaba group announced with uf network technology co., LTD., a comprehensive strategic cooperation.

neusoft and alpine electronics, shenyang Fred chi signed the “joint venture”, will jointly establish neusoft farce chi automotive technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.

Intel and the light of science and technology announced plans to launch next year new????? Memory chip, the chip can boost the performance of computers, smart phones and other high-tech products.

HTC’s announcement said, through its subsidiary H.T.C investment Corporation, an American WEVR virtual reality media player suppliers, holds a WEVR 15% stake.

Uber have new message

Uber had take advantage of passenger car “ghost”, that is, when you open the Uber application will display your near dozens of Uber car ready to pick you up, but these cars may not is true.

the British trade union organizations GMB lawsuit against Uber representative driver, accused of failing to provide drivers with basic guarantee of employees.

360 is also very busy today

network spread 360, cool technology will soon be holding HTC. After the news, cause a number of domestic media reported, but HTC and 360 have been denied.

360 send internal emails to all the staff, employees use micro letter discussion is forbidden, require all internal micro letter within 48 hours of working group of dissolution.

the sogou v. 360 xian city intermediate people’s court case of unfair competition made the first-instance judgment, 360 was sentenced to lose, and compensate sogou economic loss of 1 million yuan.

qualcomm developed new technology of wireless charging

mobile phone wireless charging is developed by qualcomm announced new technology, the technology can solve the problem of metal fuselage charging the mobile phone.

charging treasure has been crying dizzy in the toilet

winebibber net announced a complete 500 million yuan financing

winebibber network chairman Hao Hongfeng announced today that the company won the seventh sum $500 million equity investment, by the people, wealth, and other joint investment institutions and individuals.

Toshiba and executives to resign

financial fraud, Toshiba announced additional sanction of 17 senior executives. Company chairman and President muromachi is deduct 90% a month, otherwise the other directors and executives a total of 16 people were temporarily cut different level. Company senior executive director of the big Angle are on the same day announced the resignation.

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