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PayPal formally completed with eBay split

PayPal company announced the formal break-up with eBay group work, in the form of independent companies publicly listed on nasdaq, the stock code for “PYPL”, market value of $50.8 billion.

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Microsoft XiaoNa push android version

a few days ago, one of the Windows phone differentiation characteristics of voice assistant “Microsoft XiaoNa” (Cortana) launched the android version. The for android mobile phone launch XiaoNa temporarily belongs to the beta, is expected to officially version will be released at the end of 2015.

jingdong start global purchasing the USA pavilion

jingdong officially launched in New York jingdong cross-border electricity business – global purchasing the USA pavilion, after France, South Korea, Japan, Australia pavilion, jingdong global purchasing business within half a year and added new content: let the Chinese consumers in the platform of jingdong buy American goods.

to buy abroad was to highlight our local tyrants, buy on the net and no one knows the

uniqlo jingdong official flagship store closed shop

uniqlo indecent video storm haven’t quell the fitting room, want to cause public attention again. It is understood that because of uniqlo electricity business strategy adjustment, uniqlo jingdong official flagship store on July 20, put up the shutters. Public information display, alibaba chairman jack ma and softbank’s son is uniqlo’s shareholders.

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ehi for CDB 1.5 billion financing support

ehi (New York stock exchange (stock code: EHIC) announced that the company has with the national development bank, Shanghai branch reached a 5-year framework agreement, the agreement will contain multiple financing products, its value is RMB 1.5 billion yuan.

preach Letv phone to complete the $500 million in financing

according to the investment community, according to people familiar with the Letv subsidiary Letv mobile intelligent information technology co., LTD., has completed the first round of financing, financing amount is $500 million, or $5 billion valuation.

every day is revealed, can you give an accurate message

cool Letv marriage settlement in 360 and completed the love triangle relationship still unanswered

cool group recently announced that cool group’s controlling shareholder Data Dreamland to achieve sales of 780 million shares. The Data of the Dreamland holdings from 38.23% to 20.28%. This means that the Data the Dreamland and the equity of LeViewMobileHK delivery is completed, Letv has become cool group, the second largest shareholder stake of 18%, cool, 360, Letv also formally form “love triangle” relationship.

the annual abuse heart drama, cool, 360, Letv love/hate

tomson times health 62 million stake in any great

tomson times national health, according to the announcement to the price of 62 million yuan to complete the great strategic investment in it. Announcement, tomson times subsidiary guangdong hundred yue network technology co., LTD. And Beijing vehicle Kang Zhi network technology co., LTD. Signed the daily each additional – a great strategic cooperation agreement.

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