15 June (text/who)

millet released 5 or forced to postponed to the end

a source says, because qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology is not mature, the original plan to pick up 5 or will be forced to delay the technology of millet, millet, too, are finding other emergency plan instead of the qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint identification. Millet 5 screen or will be set at 5.2 inches, millet than currently sold in 4 of 5 inches larger than millet Note 5.7 inches and a little bit small, appropriate fall behind.

after the millet Note top-of-the-line version, just with qualcomm has not solve the problem of Xiao dragon 810 of fever, were forced to sell four months before the formal sale.

samsung S6 application Note logo, will push the 5.7 -inch qu bing mobile phone

there are foreign media said samsung had applied for the Galaxy S6 Note of the new logo, the Galaxy S6 Note will probably is rumoured before the Galaxy S6 Plus. Its size should be 5.5 inches, but due to the use and S6 Edge the same hyperbolic screen design, the actual screen size should be 5.7 inches.

on appearance design, will basically with the Galaxy S6 Edge, won’t have too big change.

LG transfer into the exclusive provider of the second generation apple watches screen

Apple Apple company has with the first generation of smart Watch Watch plastic OLED (organic excitation light diode) LG display panel suppliers company contact, in order to discuss the production of the second generation Apple Watch OLED panel suppliers. LG display company will become the Apple of the second generation Apple Watch the exclusive provider of OLED panel.

LG on exploiting apple a?

alibaba will launch online video sites TBO in two months

alibaba said the digital entertainment group, alibaba online video streaming service will be launched in two months, hope to be able to replicate the Netflix and HBO. Its full name is Tmall Box Office, referred to as “TBO, will provide TV programs at home and abroad, and alibaba internal production program.

TBO positioning is to redefine the family entertainment, has become China’s HBO, has become China’s Netflix.

gehua ticketmaster teamed up with China film, ali of the six companies formed the Chinese TV

gehuayouxian bulletin revealed that gehuayouxian, China film, ali and other six companies will jointly set up “TV theaters operating companies in China”. New company in the future will be responsible for the “TV cinemas in China” in signing provinces and cities of the country’s operation and promotion, to interact in cable television transmission network, website radio, film and television programs and the corresponding market operations.

wide power media closed 4 1.3 billion Internet companies

in the suspended during the period of Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., ltd. released a statement, said the company will, in the form of capital increase and the transferee equity combined use its own funds totaling 1.335 billion yuan to buy a mobile Internet industry chain on the four companies of the company. Acquisition of shenzhen million section, the main effect of the mobile Internet advertising, media advertising co., LTD. 60% stake, the mobile Internet industry operating companies such platform 9 refers to the world technology co., LTD. 51% stake, with the Internet game operators 9 of Shanghai long run information technology co., LTD. 70% stake, and focus in the field of mobile Internet audio gold pole (Beijing) co., LTD. 51% stake.

CCTV net against a set-top box manufacturer claims millions of

to violated their copyright and unfair competition, CCTV international network co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the CCTV network) will gold Asia Pacific science and technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the golden Asia Pacific company), Beijing picturesque beauty technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the picturesque beauty company) and the VST aggregators Zou Mou, head of the 3 defendant appealed to haidian court and claim 1 million yuan.

the haidian court sentenced three infringement of the defendant.

tesla was up to $750 million credit line

tesla on Friday with the securities and exchange commission (SEC), according to a regulatory filing the company has signed an agreement with the Banks, to obtain the most up to $750 million in credit lines. The agreement is tesla and Dutch subsidiary, in the form of a mortgage and the circulation of credit assets signed with the Banks, deadline for five years.

the original agreement for a $500 million loan, in the case of satisfying certain conditions, the loan can be increased to $750 million.

legend IPO interval or hk $39.8 ~ 43

people familiar with the legend holdings is expected to accept subscription on June 15, the listed price range of hk $39.80-43. Legend has been on June 4, through the hearing, will raise funds of $2 billion – 3 billion. Company roadshow provisional 15, 16, a public offering, listed on the 29th.

the U.S. mobile payment service Square will be listed in the years

the news that the U.S. mobile payment service Square is expected this year, the company may have with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) filed an IPO (initial public offering) prospectus. If less than $1 billion in annual sales, and meet other conditions, so the so-called “emerging growth companies” can be based on the American jobs act secret documents for IPO.

cisco cut several China executive

due to the Chinese government fears that foreign network equipment security, cisco decline in sales in China, and cisco’s plan to lay off a number of executives in China. According to people familiar with the matter, including China Hahn, tu and vice President of greater China Zhang Sihua several senior executives have been asked to resign. It is unclear whether there will be no replacement for their positions. Cisco greater China chairman Owen chan will stay on.

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