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Microsoft two-thirds will be minus dimension

Microsoft announced a major restructuring was carried out on the mobile phone business, staff nearly eight thousand people, in addition to buy assets in the nokia mobile phone business. From Microsoft executives said, according to Microsoft’s mobile phone business scale, will be only a third of the original.

qualcomm to activist shareholders after the earnings release compromise

qualcomm has released as of June 30, a wealth of earnings, according to the report, qualcomm in the third quarter revenue fell 14%, net profit fell 47%. And, qualcomm also announced 4500 job cuts. More importantly, qualcomm introduced radical on the board of directors of the shareholders and said it would start to evaluate business spin-off plan.

qualcomm is a PayPal?

SONY’s entry into the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market

SONY announced that next month will ZMP and Tokyo robot company SONY co-founder Aerosense unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) company. The joint venture will be independent development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) products, in 2016, Aerosense will provide unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for enterprise customers service, service types include measurement, investigation, observation and inspection.

starbucks members next year can be free to read the New York times news

after the announced earlier this year after the company reached a cooperation agreement with music streaming media platform, starbucks has announced with free with the New York times article reading service, and the service only for star enjoy card member.

when can really free?

won’t release women casual games into hand tour

the beautiful company and Forgame jointly issued the women casual games “meimei shop”, the official mobile phone game. In addition, the beautiful also released autodyne app new product take “boom” and “the beautiful M4” special edition smartphone duo la A dream.

In addition to take after

it seems, still can do something else!

established public comments on beauty group

the public comments on announced the formation of a formal beauty business, expand including different subdivision category, such as hairdressing, beauty, nail beauty O2O market, beavers, doodle nail, etc., all have reached a cooperation.

ctrip 100 million yuan to buy train ticket booking software garlic sprouts technology

ctrip announced that buy train ticket successfully automatic query reservation software company guangzhou garlic sprouts information technology co., LTD. Ctrip, says bookings based on good reputation, stable and excellent team, the company will provide 100 million yuan to buy garlic shoots, science and technology, and become the controlling shareholder of the company.

China hi-tech holding 45 million “survivor”

China hi-tech announcement said the desire and its view of Shanghai by fitting to a maximum of 45 million yuan price controlling domestic MOOC integrated operators “survivor”. A n experienced person owns tent of your school, Peking University Chinese language lesson two MOOC platform.

in stock analysts job-hopping cheetah responsibility for merger and acquisition strategy

is responsible for the Internet company plate, an analyst at jpmorgan chase, Alex Yao, move to the cheetah company, responsible for the mergers and acquisitions. The analyst has confirmed the news, said it would work for the cheetah move in September, location is Beijing.

“fortune” the world 500 strong out

“fortune” issued in 2015 the world top 500 ranking. This year, according to the operating income ranking the top three companies in the order: wal-mart, sinopec, shell oil. And according to the profit ranking, the most profitable in the first three companies respectively, the industrial and commercial bank of China, apple, China construction bank.

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