July 14 (word/land full of red)

Microsoft Win 10 published detailed release plan

Microsoft announced Windows 10 will be released on July 29, detailed plans, thousands of retailers, including Microsoft’s own channel of joint activities, global advertising and fans celebrations, and a program called “Upgrade Your World”, as long as a year of the new project.

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comcast push monthly $15 Internet TV

, the largest U.S. cable company, comcast announced officially launched monthly $15 Internet streaming TV service. Comcast’s move means that the United States and the world of traditional TV industry has been to the way transformation.

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the end of this month will push huawei public cloud

according to insiders revealed that huawei, huawei will be officially launched at the end of this month’s own public cloud services. Industry insiders speculated that huawei public cloud services will focus on IaaS, the comparison of matching huawei in the IT hardware and software in the field of advantage.

‘KaiRong completed 150 million yuan financing

is committed to providing the global mobile Internet services, to exit without inserted SIM card is famous for its wi-fi roaming treasure case rong officially announce to complete B rounds of financing, financing amount is 150 million yuan. This round of industry capital financing by lenovo group and successfully led letter, broadband, high GSR ventures and wei of venture capital and investment, huaxing capital as the financing of the sole financial advisor.

suitable for capital to complete the $1 billion fund

millet CEO lei jun, suitable for the third phase of dollar funds ($1 billion) raised, core direction is the mobile Internet, smart hardware and rural direction, such as the Internet.

blackberry for global sales director appointed executive cisco

the blackberry company announced Monday that cisco appointed executive Carl visser (Carl Wiese) is a global sales director. The personage inside course of study says, visser’s appointment comes as the blackberry in key period: blackberry now needs to raise revenue to help the company to recover as soon as possible.

1 shop just with CEO jun-ling liu, chairman of the departure

according to people familiar with the no. 1 shop chairman and CEO jun-ling liu to leave. Wal-mart global executives in the no. 1 shop of high-level meeting, to just and jun-ling liu respectively by 1 temporarily store financial vice President and vice President of the personnel.

zte announced stock repurchase program

zte today’s announcement, announced a less than 1 billion yuan, is expected to repurchase of not less than 55 million shares, accounting for the company has issued the proportion of the total equity of no less than 1.60%. Zte said, the recent stock market emerged irrational fluctuation, actively response to the China securities regulatory commission on the maintenance of the securities market stability of the notice spirit, the company to buy back shares.

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P2P distribution information platform m cattle network stopped with information and services

one Internet distribution information platform in China m cattle network, a statement that the announcement since July 12, stop the stock pledge loan of intermediary services.

it is said that this is for the implementation of the China securities regulatory commission on the opinions of the rectification of illegal securities business activities “, friends?

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