hunting cloud network on January 19 (text/who)

new patents: Microsoft walked into the cinema phone automatically mute

Microsoft won a new patented technology, the future smart phones will be able to according to the environment, to help users switch mode automatically. Users to step into the cinema or theatre, for example, mobile phone will automatically enter the silent mode. Will use a variety of techniques, including the phone’s built-in sensors, GPS data, NFC usage, visit the wi-fi hot spots and so on.

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crowdsourcing traffic map Moovit won $50 million C round

Moovit for C $50 million in financing, and investment institutions including Nokia Growth Partners, Keolis, Bernard Arnault Group, Vaizra Investments, etc. Valued at $450 million. After enter start and end, Moovit will for the user to match the public transportation routes selection, at the same time sent to the user load on the line the road transport information and information on time, to facilitate users ready to change their travel plans in advance.

the taxi application Lyft is brewing a new round of financing

the taxi application Lyft this week to complete a new round of financing, in order to raise more capital Uber to compete with rivals. A recent financing let Lyft valuation to $850 million. Lyft operating area is limited to the United States, currently operate only in more than 60 cities. Lyft focus more economical service, the service of many professional drivers are just transition rookie, the car is all their own.

big data transfer company Palantir finance

Palantir founded 11 years of big data company, main business is selling to the U.S. government and Wall Street software, used for digging large data, the company raised a total of $500 million last year. Reports that the current is considering a new round of financing. Palantir previously has raised nearly $1 billion, its investors include set up by the central intelligence agency (cia) nonprofit venture capital firm In – Q – Tel, raised risk investment Fund, as well as the tiger global hedge funds and so on.

Google to buy mobile payment Softcard

Google is interested in buying mobile payments company Softcard, and offer no more than $100 million. Oftcard formerly Isis, by AT& T, Verizon and t-mobile three carriers founded in 2010, they have to invest millions of dollars. It is said that the PayPal and Microsoft also Softcard at contact. If the external, it cannot be sold, AT& T or Verizon may take over one of Softcard.

easy to transport and haier joint venture sea easy travel

easy to transport and haier industry financial announced, set up on both sides of the joint venture company “sea travel”, and is easy to say joint haier will launch car rental business, and in the business plan in the next five years, will be “sea easy travel” achieve the value of 8 billion yuan, for the money and detailed planning. “Easy travel” sea will be through the application of mobile Internet technology innovation and the reshaping of the business ecosystem, breakthrough development bottleneck of traditional car rental companies, profit mode, business mode and financing mode innovation.

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$10 billion musk wants to develop the space Internet

tesla CEO elon musk says his space Internet project the future one day you can override to Mars, and the project’s investment will reach $10 billion, and you need at least 5 years to make the satellite launch. At the same time, on the basis of the current carrier rocket and the spacecraft to ferry will invest their resources to create a satellite.

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