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Letv millet weibo said swearing at each other lying

music depending on millet wang chuan, vice-president of “le no ecological, business didn’t lead” remarks responding said: in the face of the full regard ecological and popular super cell phone, friends really scared. Friends, the content of the so-called ecological first, is made up to, and can wrap has nothing the contents of the library as a industry first, the content of the public said into their own content, really eye-opening.

then, millet also release weibo, said “bundling annual fee, not the compliance is the biggest lie”, hope friends, put energy into the conform to the national standard of the user experience of ascension.

360 released three security router, the lowest $59

360, today released its latest router: three consecutive 360 security routing mini $59, 360 security routing 5 g to sell 139 yuan, 360 security routing P1 dazzle colour series, dazzle colour series pre-sale price 89 yuan. The 360 also released the intelligent router open platform as the core of smart home.

millet 6 TB even speculation over the regulation line type, the price is no advantage in wow.

iPhone 6 s or match front flash

developers Hamza Sood recently found 9 beta version of the iOS configuration files in the iPhone front facing some new features, including 1080 p video recording and front flashing light, etc., seems to mean that the future of the iPhone 6 s is likely to be even a front-facing flash.

12 million rear and front flash, photo is not the same as the big wow.

Line first in Japan music streaming service

instant messaging applications Line on Thursday took the lead in Japan music streaming service. Line launched Music streaming service called Line Music, its for the Android and iPhone users, can listen to the songs of the early quantity is over 1.5 million, the monthly service fee is 1000 yen ($8.13), or to pay 500 yen per month, 20 hours of service.

kaspersky was hacked, the system was breached

famous security software provider said kaspersky lab has recently been hacking of its system, the attack of hacker may represent a country’s government organization. Kaspersky lab CEO Eugene kaspersky said in his blog that he believes is the purpose of these attacks to steal kaspersky’s latest technology.

baidu union tianan insurance such as hk $450 million stake in star beauty holding

stellar holdings announced that baidu, tianan insurance investment fund and total spending hk $450 million stake in star beauty holding 600000000 shares in the new, subscription price of hk $0.75 per share, accounting for 4.8% of the expanded after issuance number of shares. Baidu will be open to star beauty holding various resources, including search maps and mobile positioning, and to provide comprehensive technical support and new product research and development, raise financial products such as online all the cooperation, and star beauty baidu card sales and advertising support.

– two messages: Microsoft, alibaba

Microsoft’s acquisition of spread application of monitoring technology suppliers BlueStripe

Microsoft bought a company called BlueStripe Software company, the company mainly provides monitoring of distributed application technique, the purpose is to help enterprise customers to better manage distribution in various applications of cloud services. Microsoft plans to BlueStripe software integrated into its own “system center” and “suit” operations management software, so that customers to better manage IT resources, allow customers to better understand how their application in the local and the running in the cloud.

security company alibaba m&a HanHai source

alibaba group announced the acquisition of domestic security companies HanHai source, HanHai source will be integral to join alibaba security, with the aid of ali cloud computing and big data resources continue to study the security technology of the group, the response including APT attacks (advanced persistent threat attack), the challenge of the next generation of security threats, and subsequent will launch more business oriented APT cloud defense, threat intelligence system, and other products and services.

– two personnel change news: Twitter CEO, fox CEO class ‘

Twitter CEO will resign on July 1, dorsey is temporarily

Twitter in the United States securities and exchange commission announced that the embattled chief executive dick Costello will resign on July 1. After this, Twitter co-founder jack dorsey, will serve as interim chief executive. The company will establish a selection committee, led by members of the board of directors Peter guerrero, looking for the company’s chief executive.

murdoch to abdicate, his son James will take over fox CEO

the 84 – year – old ruppes, murdoch prepared from 21st century fox stepped CEO, let his son James murdoch took over. Another of his son lachlan murdoch will become executive vice chairman of the company. The company will adjust to the management, the current chief operating officer chase Carey stepping down, it is unclear whether he will be what kind of position.

– two dispute news: the Fitbit patent infringement, amazon e-books business monopoly

Jawbone sued Fitbit patent infringement

Jawbone in the near future for the second time the Fitbit company filed suit, the suit related to patent infringement. Jawbone said, “basically Fitbit all bracelets products” are violated our own patent. The company asking the court to ban the defendant continue to sell goods for patent infringement, and make economic compensation, responsible for the litigation attorney fees.

Fitbit responded that will defend their legitimate rights and interests in the court. It said that all of the movement of the bracelets products are independent research and development, the other company to apply for or has been granted patents has more than 200 pieces.

to formal investigations by the European Union antitrust authorities amazon e-book business

the European antitrust authorities announced, has launched a formal investigation on amazon’s e-book business, at the same time also warned that amazon or in the use of its powerful market influence to issuers impose some illegal conditions. The eu has declared that the amazon these behaviors damage the interests of consumers.

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